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Business Problem Statement

Business Problem Statement

Articulating Your Business Problem Statement

In the beginning of a design for study, a qualitative researcher should start by introducing a business
problem statement. The objective of this statement is to provide the motivation for studying a particular
area of interest. A business problem statement is a clear portrayal of the issues that will need to be

addressed within your research.

This week, you will have the opportunity to solicit the assistance of your Prof in refining and honing your

initial business problem statement into a viable, researchable statement.

� Write a first draft of a business problem statement and post it for your Profs Review.:

The Effects of Human Resource Management (HRM) Practices on Employee Performance

Problem Statement
Employee performance is a crucial factor that affects performance of the organization as
a whole. Implementing human resource management practices is a crucial way through which
favorable outcomes could be promoted (Cardon & Stevens, 2010). At the moment, there is
limited existing literature on the effect of various human resources (HR) practices such as
selection, career planning, training, performance appraisal, reward, and employee
involvement/participation. There is therefore, the problem of failure to articulate human resource
management practices well which emanate from the gap in knowledge. This problem does not
only affect the human resource management as a section alone. It is crucial to note that a whole
organization is usually affected and especially the employees as well as performance.
Purpose statement
The research will purpose to review literature on the problem of human resource
management practices and their effect to employee performance. This orientation is viable
because human resource primary goal is to ensure proper management of employees such that
production is at optimum. When human resource management fails to articulate their practices to
this effect, maybe due to the effect of limited literature on the issue, there ought to be
underperformance in an organization. It is important to therefore come up with literature that
seeks to guide human resource management practices towards improving employee performance
Understanding these effects will enable HRM managers to invest more in their
workforce innovatively. By developing its workers, an organization would be able to realize its
corporate goals as a result of increased employee performance.

Despite the immense importance of HRM practices toward the realization of
organizational performance in general and employee performance in particular, a lot of business
organizations do not emphasize its effective utilization to enhance employee performance
(Wood, 2011).
Research question
Any successful research must have a relevant question which ought to seek answer to a particular
problem. Such question is usually derived from the perceived problem. As such, this research
would have a question that seeks to enquire from human resource managers, what human
resource management practices they have employed and seen positive improvement in employee


Cardon, M., & Stevens, C. (2010). Managing human resources in small organizations: What do
we know; Human Resource Management Review. 14 , p. 295−323.
Wood, S. (2011). Human Resource Management and Performance. International Journal of
Management Review. 1(4): 367-413

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