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Business Communication

Business Communication

Document Design: Apply the principles of document design to the following memo to make it more
attractive and more readable. Include memo headings and/or visual aids in your version. (15 marks)
Here are my ideas for the computer training sessions we have discussed. I confirmed this morning the
software available in the room with Internet access. Along with Internet access, there is also presentation
software such as PowerPoint´┐Żall on PCs, not Macs. The Internet session will focus on sending and
receiving email and sending a file as an attachment via email. The class will meet Wednesday, February
7, 2-4 pm. The Web session will cover evaluating websites for accurate, reliable information and how to
acknowledge the information in company reports to clients. The class will meet Wednesday, February 14,
from 2-4 pm. Lastly, the class for developing computer-generated presentations will meet February 21,
from 2-4 pm. I will send reminders to the attendees when registrations are complete. Please let me know
if these plans meet with your approval. I will be happy to make any necessary changes.


Internal memo

To : The Computer Students Date: Jan 29, 2015
From : Lecturer

Subject: Computer class schedules

Hope you are fine and ready for this season computer sessions. I am therefore delighted to
inform you about the computer courses and their schedule. Early this morning I was able to
confirm that requisite software are available as well as internet. Apart from internet access, I
confirmed that presentation software such as PowerPoint accessible through PCs was available.
This software cannot be accessed on Macs and therefore be informed about this so that you are
not inconvenienced.

We shall have various sessions but I want to draw your attention to the first three. The first
session is about internet and the focus will be to learn to send and receive emails, and to learn to
send a file as an attachment via email. For this session, the class will meet on Wednesday,
February 7, 2015 between 2-4 pm at the usual venue. The second session is on web and this will
cover on evaluating websites for accuracy and reliable information. It will also touch on

techniques used to acknowledge information in company reports for clients. The class will meet
on Wednesday, February 14, 2015 between 2-14 pm. The last session will be on developing
computer-generated presentations. This class will meet on February 21, 2015 between 2-4 pm.
I would like to inform you that the remaining courses will be send to attendees after registration
process is over. I wish to hear from you if this plan meets your proposal. I will be happy to make
any amendments if it deems appropriate. Wish you all the best.

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