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Business communication

Business communication

Think of a problem in your company, neighborhood, schools, or community, to which you would like to
offer a solution. Develop a presentation in PowerPoint, that you might use to present your argument
to the governing board of your chosen organization. Use what you know about persuasion, effective
communication and message organization to sell your idea. In your PowerPoint, you will:�

� �Create 8-10 slides that offer a presentation introduction, body and conclusion.�
� �Focus your message on audience needs and motivations. Use reasoning, appeals to emotion
and audience interests.�
� �Cite at least three outside sources.�
� �Include a coversheet slide, slide titles, bullets, charts (pie, bar, or line), clip art and creativity in
terms of animation effects and word choice.�
� �Use the NOTES feature to add the general text of what you will say in your presentation. Each
slide will have two-three substantive paragraphs in its NOTES section. In most settings, you would do
fine with using NOTES simply to place your keyword outline. However, since you will not be delivering
this orally, more content is needed for your instructor to understand what it is that you intended to
� �Concentrate on formatting and the overall flow of your presentation. Be mindful of the rules of
good visual design.�

Submit your PowerPoint along with a paragraph providing some background, your goal, and a brief
description of your audience.

Embrace of technology
at lower levels of

• Technology is a crucial aspect
that is beneficial in many areas in
the world today.
• There is noted increase of usage
of technology in the higher levels
of education
• However, there have been little
embrace of the same in the lower
levels of education
• There is need to embrace
technology in education right
from the lower levels so that the
children get used to the
technological usage in good time.
• It is agreeable that there is wide usage of technology at higher levels of education. Let us
contemplate on usage of technology at the lower levels of education, because it is important
• Embrace of technology at lower levels of education come with many benefits
• These include ability of learners to save time due to the technological advancement.

• Motivation of learners can also be associated with embrace of technology at the lower levels
of education. This emanates from the zeal that fills the learners when they engage in
technologically advanced gadgets such as computers, Dong Geun & de Vries (2011)

• Let us look at the importance of embracing technology at the lower level of education.
• At the lower levels of education, technology can be used in many different areas:
 presenting letters
 presenting numbers
 presenting sounds
 Presentation of pictures
• When these elements are presented using technology there is more retention, E.g
• Many people would wonder how technology would be used at the lower level of education.
There are myriads of ways in which technology can be used in the educating the young
• These include:
 motivation
 higher retention
 time saving
• There are many benefits associated with embrace of technology at different levels of
education, Kul (2013).
• There are myrids of benefits in using technology at the lower levels of education
Tackling the limitations
• looking for cost cutting measures so as to have enough funds for usage in embracing
technology for the lower levels of education
• Investing in training the incumbent staff on usage of technology to avoid double costs in
having many staffs.

• Combining the technological use with the traditional learning. This way, there is a benefit
from technological use as well as retaining creativity, Hallström, Hultén & Lövheim (2014).
• Let us look at how the limitations can be tackled in oredr to maximise n the benefits.
Cost implication
• It is understood that, adoption of technology comes at a higher cost. This follows the cost of
the implements o be used. However, the benefits associated with adoption of the
technology greatly outweigh the cost implication.
The cost comes as a result of:
 buying the implements
 maintenance costs
 Electricity consumption
 personnel (training or retention)
It has been noted that much of the cost is incurred in buying the implements. Once these are
bought, the cost of maintenance and the other associated implications are little, Antonenko, Lee &
Kleinheksel (2014)
Just like in any other beneficial venture, embrace of technology at the lower levels of education
come with cost implications.
Comparison of initial cost
and maintenance cost

• There is no doubt that there is
need to embrace technology at
the lower levels of education,

and it is not that much
expensive, especially to
maintain, as many would think.

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