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Business Combinations and Financial Results Analysis

Amazon.com Business Combinations and Financial Results Analysis

eter Singer�s Ethics
Slavoj Zizek in Examined Life
Martin Luther King Jr. on NBC�s Meet the Press in 1965
Alan Keyes v. Barack Obama debate on death penalty
For this assignment, you will outline at least one of the arguments that you believe are made in the
video you selected. In your outline:
Identify the issue that is addressed and the conclusion that is presented.
Identify the premises that are given in support of that conclusion.
Explain whether or not you think the argument is convincing by presenting your reasons for this
position. If you do not have evidence for your position, you should consult scholarly materials that
relate to the position you present.
Here is an example of an outline about an argument from the Monty Python Argument Clinic video.

Running Head 2
Utilize the same structure found in the example, but be sure to provide enough detail to satisfactorily
complete all aspects of the prompt.

Amazon.com Business Combinations and Financial Results Analysis
Several firms often fail to attain their set targets relating to growth and profitability.
This is attributable to lack of a strong execution of infrastructure and a clear and precise
growth strategy. The probability of success is impaired if either or both of these strategies are
lacking. As a result, growth becomes obscure. Amazon.com has, however, attained massive
growth due to its effective growth strategies and it is at present ranked as the prevalent online
retailer globally (Schepp & Schepp, 2009).
This is notwithstanding the projection that the online retail industry in the United
States will grow at a steady rate of 10% for the next half a decade (Schepp & Schepp, 2009).
Despite attaining this feat, the company also aims to become the overriding force in
distributing digital media. Amazon’s sales and profitability have been at an all time high, and
this is due to three growth strategies utilized in both the global and domestic retail markets.
These strategies include; increase in infrastructure, digital growth, and acquisition and of

Running Head 3
other business concerns (Schepp & Schepp, 2009). Each of these strategies has been
successful, and each has contributed to profitability by certain degrees as outlined below.
In increasing its infrastructure, Amazon has not ceased constructing warehouses for
its products as the company is continuously enhancing its product line and services offered to
its clients (Spector, 2000). The warehouses have been placed in certain target locations, to
enable clients access products that they purchase online after a short turnaround time. One of
the products that the company opted to venture in was groceries. The grocery business
segment has been tested for a few years, notably in Seattle and this was further expanded to
target the potential market in Los Angeles (Spector, 2000).
The grocery segment, dubbed the AmazonFresh enabled customers access grocery
products for a whole year at a rate of 299 dollars (Spector, 2000). The expanded warehouses
facilitated quality products and same-day delivery of the grocery products. Estimated income
emanating from the online groceries market is 65 billion dollars and Amazon endeavours to
garner a large proportion of the market (Spector, 2000).
Another strategy adopted by Amazon is the expansion of its digital services apart
from the retail solely. Amazon launched its cloud offering and the Amazon Web Services
since the online retail giant had anticipated massive growth in the digital services segment
(Spector, 2000). Revenue generated from its digital services stood at 2 billion and is
estimated to rise up to 24 billion by the year 2022 (Spector, 2000). The firm is presently
seeking to expand its cloud offering internationally to boost revenue.
The third strategy applied by Amazon was venturing in mergers and acquisitions.
Over the years, Amazon opted to make investments in other companies and have agreements
with other marketing companies to reach a wider customer range and expand the existing
market share. Some of the companies entailed in the merger and acquisition agreements

Running Head 4
include Bookpages, Internet Movie Database, Telebook, Junglee Corporation, Sage
Enterprises, Geoworks,Ashford.com, Homogrocer.com and Drugstore.com (Spector, 2000).
These acquisitions resulted to Amazon’s stock prices rising by a massive 234 percent,
consequently according the company a 120 billion dollar valuation (Spector, 2000).
The aforementioned acquisitions have on the contrary had a negative impact on the
profitability as a result of their financial value that was appended into Amazon.com. Sales
have been growing steadily succeeding the acquisitions, but not profitability. Some
acquisitions, such as Junglee Corporation had equity values in the range of 280 million
dollars and the deal was for Amazon to take up the entire 100 percent of the outstanding
shares (Saunders, 1999). A merger like that with HomoGrocer.com saw Amazon purchase 35
percent stake of the online grocer, in a bid of strengthening its grocery segment. This was
worth 42.5 million dollars (Saunders, 1999). In Ashford.com, Amazon acquired a 16.6
percent stake in the retailer of luxury products by investing 10 million dollars in the online
retailer (Saunders, 1999).
Majority of the mergers and acquisitions occurred between the years 1998 and 2000,
and financial statements subsequent to those spells reflect an improvement in profitability as
evidenced by the financial statements (Saunders, 1999). Total assets by the end of the year
2000 were totalling to 2,135,169 dollars in the consolidated balance sheet. These assets, six
months later, dropped to 1,345,036 dollars (Saunders, 1999). The company, however, had a
reduction in the net loss from 625,609 dollars in June 2000 to 168,359 dollars in June 2001
(Saunders, 1999). Cash flows for Amazon after considering the operating, investing and
financing activities also declined, from 720,377 to 462,949 over the same period (Saunders,

Running Head 5
Growth in the European market is capable of having a large impact on the current
earnings and profits by Amazon and the United States online retail industry in entirety.
Growth in the US online retail industry is projected to have an annual growth of 10 percent to
hit the 370 billion dollar mark, whereas that of their counterparts in Europe is expected to
grow by 10.5 percent to reach the 253.6 billion dollar mark (Saunders, 1999). This rapid
growth in the European market is likely to affect the present earnings of Amazon due to the
induced competition in the online retail market sphere. The company hence needs to effect its
outlined growth strategies to embrace itself for this growth and consequently maintain
profitability and market share (Saunders, 1999).


Saunders, R. (1999). Business the Amazon.com way: Secrets of the world’s most astonishing
Web business. Dover, NH: Capstone US.
Schepp, B., & Schepp, D. (2009). Amazon top seller secrets: Insider tips from Amazon’s most
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Spector, R. (2000). Amazon.com: Get big fast. New York: HarperBusiness.

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