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Banning the use of primates in advertisements

Banning the use of primates in advertisements

Imagine that you want to argue that advertisements should not include demeaning representations of
chimpanzees and that the use of primates in advertisements should be banned. You�re encouraged to
find out that a number of companies such as Honda and Puma have already agreed to such a ban, so
you decide to present your argument to other companies� CEOs and advertising officials.

Banning the use of primates in advertisements

Television commercials and ads should stop including demeaning representations of
nonhuman primates such as chimpanzees. In essence, the use of primates in advertisements
should be banned and companies should stop using nonhuman pirates in their future
advertisements. These primates are usually mistreated off-screen. They are also treated badly
after their useful life is ended. Animal actors should not be filmed in a studio setting, but instead
only primates undisturbed within their natural habitats at credited sanctuaries and zoos. Better

still, advertisers can utilize computer-generated imagery (CGI) instead of live animals in adverts
or movies. It is of note that this technique was effectively utilized in the remake of King Kong as
well as Jurassic Park.
Primates usually suffer much abuses before they are used in advertisements. They are
often wrestled from their mothers when they are babies, beaten and hit horribly for the duration
of training, and then stored at warehouses when they are roughly 8 years old when they become
too physically powerful for human handlers. Smith (2008) stated that there is no way in which
orangutans and chimpanzees could be trained without fear and domination. Most of the
chimpanzees seen in advertisements wind up living in dirty and cramped cages. Renowned
companies including Honda, Puma and Subaru have already agreed to the ban of such adverts.
For instance, Subaru of America Inc. promised to never feature orangutans and chimpanzees in
its TV commercials (Smith, 2008). Subaru received the Compassionate Business Award
presented by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. The automaker’s spokesman reported
that the company held a meeting of executives and chose to stop using primates in promotional
campaigns owing to concerns regarding abuses in the industry. It is noteworthy that this
automaker had earlier cast a chimpanzee outfitted in trunks and carrying a clipboard in a limited-
edition spot for is Big Event, Small Tent Sale (Smith, 2008).



Smith, E. (2008). Subaru to Stop its Use of Apes in Commercials.

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