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Assessing Organization’s Responses to Diversity & Multiculturalism.

Assessing Organization’s Responses to Diversity & Multiculturalism.

Using only publicly available information, investigate the extent to which Steve Easterbrook,
President, and CEO of McDonald�s and McDonald�s organization appear to be fully committed to
building, supporting, and nurturing a diverse workforce.

Presenting your findings: Provide a succinct (approximately 500 � 600 word) synopsis of your findings.

McDonalds Organization was formed in 1940 in the United States. It began as a barbecue
restaurant operated by Maurice and Richard McDonald. It runs a chain of fast foods restaurant

Organization responses to diversity and multiculturalism 2
around the world dealing with hamburger. In 1948, it recognized their operations as a hamburger
stand that uses production line principles. The growth of the company worldwide was due to the
work of Ray Kroc who joined in 1955 as a franchise agent. Ray later bought the company from
the McDonalds brothers. The operations of the McDonalds restaurant is either under the
corporate itself, a franchisee, or an affiliate. Therefore, the source of income is from the revenues
collected from the franchise, the royalties paid, the rent, and also from the sales in the company-
operated restaurants.
The organization of the McDonalds organization is a complex structure, whereby it
operates fast food restaurants in more than 100 countries. Nurturing of a diverse workforce is,
therefore, necessary to facilitate the cultural organization at McDonalds. Steve Easterbrook, the
president and CEO at McDonalds, is fully committed to supporting, building and nurturing of a
diverse workforce. The organization regards diversity and inclusion as a part of its culture
covering from the board to the crew. Steve believes that leaders should hold themselves
accountable for respecting and valuing individuals all across the counter within the organization
(DuBrin, 2011).
One of the important steps taken by Steve Easterbrook is the step of shifting from
awareness to involvement of actions. Instead of just creating awareness, a goal was set such that
the workers in the organization can live and explore their full potential thus promoting
commitment among the workforce. In promoting responsibility and diversity, Steve has ensured
the employment of minority U.S employees and 70% of the population to be women (Burns,
2012). There is a high percentage of women and other minority employees of more than 25% in
leadership positions (Devarakonda, 2013).

Organization responses to diversity and multiculturalism 3
For the build and support of the McDonald’s brand, Steve Easterbrook has dedicated the
company to identifying and developing partnerships with other major organizations. Through the
establishment and the maintenance of these organizational partnerships, a brand trust is
developed among diverse communities and hence increasing their presence in the various
populations. It, therefore, ensures that a customer-friendly environment is created and thus
ensuring a diverse workforce. Under their submission, the McDonald’s Company provides that
an inclusive environment is created for the employees and the customers on a global basis
(Burns, 2012).
Due to the social critics about their high-calorie menu, the McDonald’s company has had
to initiate a complete cultural change. It started the training and programs that mentor the
restaurant crews thus emphasizing leadership development and also helping the employees to
explore their full potential. By training the restaurant team the company became committed in
diversification and leadership development. It ranges from the C-suite to the lower ranks at
McDonald’s. The diversity included a focus on the supply chain and thus promoting community
involvement, external branding, corporate responsibility, and the creation of awareness to the
consumers concerning nutrition (DuBrin, 2011).
Through the leadership of Steve Easterbrook, the McDonald’s Company has successfully
involved diversification in their operations. Steve has been committed to the building, nurturing,
and supporting of a diverse workforce.it is also evident that the McDonald’s Organization is
dedicated to providing inclusive works environment, support and facilitating training. It thus
indicates that the diversity and inclusion are the fundamental element of the McDonald’s
Organizational culture.

Organization responses to diversity and multiculturalism 4


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