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Application of Reverse Logistics and Sustainability

Application of Reverse Logistics and Sustainability

Given what you have learned in the class consider the future of reverse logistics and virtual
organizations. What do you feel will be the practical application of reverse logistics and how will it
achieve economic sustainability?

Application of Reverse Logistics and Sustainability

Reverse logistics is becoming an essential component of supply chain management. The future
of reverse logistics and virtual organizations seem to enhance customer satisfaction and brand
recognition. There is an increasing practical application of reverse logistics in different
industries, which enhance economic sustainability. There are rapid technology advancements,
intense business competition, and changing customer demands and needs. This has forced
companies to reshape their business strategies and model. Organizations are considering the
importance of reverse logistics as a competitive advantage. Managing reverse logistics activities
and processes provide guidelines to follow in order to add significant value to cost and
workforce to companies (Genovese, Acquaye, Figueroa & Koh, 2017). Besides, there is an
emerging trend where companies outsource reverse logistics operations. This allows companies
to concentrate on core business activities.
Reverse logistics is a dynamic and complex process and may not reverse the direction of
the supply chain. However, there is an increasing willingness by customers to return products,
which are forcing companies to rethink the significance of reverse logistics in ensuring economic

viability and sustainability. This has brought the incorporation and development of strategies and
process of reverse logistics in business models in order to gain cost effectiveness and competitive
advantages (Genovese et al., 2017). Therefore, the application of reverse logistics allows
companies to use validated methods and policy-based economic models and environmental
products valuation strategies in supply chains. Companies are expanding their applications for
economic and environmental realms to the social sustainability dimensions. Therefore,
companies are adopting strategies to integrate reverse logistics to improve their production
operations and enhance the management of recovery activities for product returns. Thus,
sustainable reverse logistics is essential to guide the strategies and practices of economic
sustainability through practical applications of reverse logistics in different industries.



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management and the transition towards a circular economy: Evidence and some
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