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Apple’s Project Management Process

Apple’s Project Management Process

The term �project management process� implies that projects can be managed and that a process
exists for doing so. The project management process can be mastered with a great deal of dedication and
perseverance. However, as with most processes, mastery is an ongoing progression that requires
continuous improvement, learning, and refinement.
Project management can be viewed as a project in its own right, in which sensible steps are taken in a
logical order leading toward a worthy goal. You may never feel that you have truly mastered the project
management process, but each step mastered is a step in the right direction, beginning with those
covered in this week�s study.
For this paper, review the Process Groups and Knowledge Areas as defined by the Project Management
Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) and discussed in your readings. Consider how the Process Groups and
Knowledge Areas affect management and strategy.

The process of project management is quite complex and requires a deep understanding
of process groups and deep knowledge of project management concepts such as project
integration, project time management, project scope management among others. Be as it may,
project management refers to the application of set processes, methods, knowledge, skills and
experience to attain set objectives of a project (Kerzner 2013). These objectives could be
benefits, outputs or even outcomes. This paper discusses the concept of quality project
management using Apple Company.
Apple Incorporation is one of the most successful American multinational technology
companies. Some of the key business activities of Apple is designing, development and selling of
computer software and hardware, consumer electronics and online services. The firm’s
headquarters is in California, and it was founded in 1976 by three partners Steve Jobs, Ronald
Wayne and Steve Wozniac. The firm can constantly produce innovative quality products that are
designed to suit customer needs and desires (Burke 2013). This is achieved through successful
project management, research and development.

Apple Incorporation has successfully acquired. Managed and share knowledge to come
effectively up with new capability with the main goal endorsing innovation and development of
new products. The company has supportive organization culture in which employees,
management and the stakeholders focus on the bigger picture (Turner 2014). The company also
has modern IT infrastructure, excellent employee grouping, and good project quality
management to ensure that the company always produces quality products.
The CEO of the company, Steve Jobs can align quality project management and business
strategy. This is achieved by development of strategies to offer brand new, innovative
merchandise using blended art and technology to offer simple and streamlined user experience
(Unab & Kundi 2014).
Apple Culture has played a crucial role in the success of the company. Apple values
encompass of qualities, standards, principles and customs that Apple believes that can will assist
it together with its workers to be successful (Eastham et al., 2014). Some of the key principles
that oversee Apple Inc. Business demeanor includes; compassion for customers,
accomplishment, positive community contribution, novelty, personal performance, group spirit,
quality and brilliance, personal reward as well as excellent executives. The company is focused
on producing simple, elegant, and innovative products that suit customer needs. By stressing this
values and ideologies, the firm can develop innovative products and remain relevant in the
competitive and dynamic technology industry (Schwalbe 2015). Apple’s culture which was
nurtured by the founder and CEO Steve Jobs is the fabric that makes Apple employees to be
loyal. In the end, this loyalty translates to the brand loyalty exhibited by the clients of the firm.

Project Quality Management is important for Apple Company because of the nature of its
business. The success of Apple projects in producing innovative products such as tablets, phones
among others is as a result of proper and efficient project quality management. Without quality
management, innovation at Apple Company would not be of much importance. This is because
products produced may not meet the standards often set by the customers (Chan et al., 2013).
In conclusion, total quality management is essential for Apple Incorporation. This is
because the firm has multiple projects to develop quality products such as Computers,
smartphones, tablets among others. The success of the company is in producing such innovative
products as a result of efficient project quality management.



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