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Apple’s E-Commerce

Topic: Apple’s E-Commerce

Week 1: Begin thinking of a business problem that could be solved with a technology solution for a
company or organization you are familiar with. Use the Q&A Forum to ask questions and discuss your
ideas about the project. See the Course Project Technical Areas for ideas. �

Week 2: Complete the Course Project Proposal using this format: �

Course Project Proposal (1-2 pages, 75 points, due week 2, properly cite any external sources used) �

Cover page �

1.Subject of Course Project�
2.Business problem statement�
3.Name of the company or organization�
4.Brief description of proposed solution�
5.General benefits it will provide the organization�
6.Audience to whom you are presenting the recommendation

Introduction about the company
Apple Inc. is an American multinational corporation dealing in designing, developing and selling
of various consumer electronics such as personal computers, online services and computer
software. The company well known products include ipod media player, Mac line of computers,
iphone Smartphone among many others (Linzmayer, 1999). The company was founded in
1976 by 1976 and has evolved over the years to become the world second largest company in
information technology after Samsung Electronics (Carr, 2013). It is as well credited as the
largest world mobile phone maker. To regain this position, the company must make its decisions
well by considering different options. The supply channel is a very critical problem that requires
insightful thinking before reaching a solution.
Business problem statement
Apple Inc. increased supply channel conflict with its B2B supply channel is a matter of great
concern. The company keeps terminating its distribution agreements with its distributors’ which

is unfavorable for business (Apple Inc., 2010). The company has adopted a strategy which is
meant to actively edge out it distributors by establishing self-owned stores. This is a strategy
seen as strange by many since it is virtually impossible to build or establish stores globally
(Muneesh & Sareen, 2012). As matter of fact its sales would drastically decrease before it covers
any substantial ground in constructing the stores. Constructing its stores in various regions across
the globe is an expensive affair that will cost the company lots of money. This strategy as well
would take quite long time before completion, as the processes may be lengthy. Using already
established distributors seems to be the most essential opportunity as the infrastructure is already
in place. This option will as well take short period and the company will continue to enjoy large
market share increasing its revenue. Since Apple Inc. is a company involved in provisions of
technological solutions it can do better than avoid solving the supply channel conflict by building

Proposed solution
 The proposed solution for Apple Inc. in solving its B2B supply channel conflict is
through e-commerce rather than the mechanical solution they have adopted.
 E-commerce has shown great potential in solving B2B channel conflict.
 E-commerce will reestablish harmony between the company and its distributors
(Muneesh & Sareen, 2012).
 This strategy involves carefully and in consultation with the channel partners resolving
issues causing conflict such as pricing, promotion, distribution, communication and

 A high-level solution involves ensuring that Apple Inc. increases its sales significantly
through e-commerce adoption in conflict resolving.
General benefits to Apple Inc.
To start with, to Apple supply channel conflict will be a thing of the past, which will translate to
more sales. The company’s sales will increase significantly, since its products will be offered
through more than one channel that is self-owned stores, distributor’s stores and online
(Muneesh & Sareen, 2012). Thirdly, the company will have opportunity to focus on the clients’
needs through product development.
These recommendations are directed to company’s top management who make decisions that
affect the company’s entire operations. The top management have been unable to generate a
solution that will eradicate conflict on the supply channel thus these recommendations will go a
long way towards assisting them rethink the earlier strategies.
Preliminary analysis of leadership and organizational behavior concepts
Leadership and organizational behavior play a critical role when making certain decisions. The
leadership of the company must be flexible and accommodate other people advice on this
important undertaking. The leadership is required to evaluate the options putting in mind the
kind of results they want to achieve in future. Organizational behaviors as well are important in
reaching an amicable solution. The organization has a positive public image as one of the
company that meets the interests and needs of the audience when producing its products.
Therefore, the decision should as well consider the organization behaviors and perception.




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of 1934
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strategies for assurance. Hershey, PA: Business Science Reference.

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