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An Open Letter to the CEO of Apple Company

write an �open letter� (of
approximately 830 words) to the CEO of your organisation (or an organisation to which you are familiar)
making suggestions as to how they should enhance an aspect of their existing HR policies.
In this final week�s PDP Assignment, you will reflect upon how you can apply what you have learned in
this module relating to HR policy development.
In completing the �open letter� to your organisation’s CEO, consider:
� What aspects of the HR policies should be updated?
� Why should this be updated?
� What are the important considerations when updating the policy?
� What have you learned from this module that can inform this work?

An Open Letter to the CEO of Apple Company

Dear CEO
In full consideration of the urgency of the organization in developing policies that
enhance the functions of HRM in order to take advantage of talent development, we, the
undersigned, request the company to:


  1. Consider some of the aspects of HR policies that need to be updated
  2. Establish the reasons why these policies should be updated.
  3. Consider some of the essential attributes that need to be considered when updating these
  4. The inclusion of learned information in informing this approach.
    One of the essential things to understand is the need for Apple to ensure that it’s HR
    policies are dynamic and not static. This approach requires the company’s human resource
    managers to revise these policies and add to some of the areas that need amends to address the
    organization’s goals and missions, as well as the ever changing trends of the workforce,
    legislation and economic considerations (Arthur, Herdman, & Jaewan, 2016, pp.420). Apple Inc
    consequently needs to ensure that it updates HP policies on its data security in order to
    effectively manage the functions of the organization.
    Considered as the first generation that integrates the proponents of technology in life,
    generation Y has resorted to natural abilities and skills in technology directed towards improving
    the efficiency of this organization. However, the ever changing phase of the world as a result of
    technological evolution has brought new changes within this organization, thus requiring the
    organization to ensure that its organizational data is protected from cyber-attacks or loss
    (Diamond& Hamilton, 2016, pp.6). This approach will ensure that the organization’s HR policies
    are enhanced to deal with data breaches, and the mismanagement of the company’s important
    information. This approach will ensure that the HRM reviews the current data protection policies
    that may have changed as a result of practice and conducting background checks on its
    employees and ensuring that their performance and discipline is closely monitored throughout
    their period of employment.


Secondly, Apple Inc would need to ensure that it’s HR policies that address its
employee’s dress code are also revised. The company’s client’s first impression is vitally made
by its employee’s appearance. The manner in which Apple’s employees present themselves sets
the tone that makes or breaks decisions within the organization (Creelman, 2015, pp.17). During
cold weather, the employees may be prompted to wear warm clothes that need to be clearly
defined in Apples HR policies. In as much as the company may promote these attires, other
employees may set their own individual standards by putting on inappropriate cloths, with this
element efficiently defined in the Apple’s HR policy.
Lastly, Apple may also consider revising its HR policies directed towards addressing the
issues the organization encounters during recession. In as much as the organization may emerge
from the effects of recession it is significant for the HRM to understand the recession results in
massive grievances and disciplinary issues among its employees, an aspect that requires the
update of Apple’s HR policies (Ruddle, 2016, pp.5). This will ensure that the organization is in
compliance with the termination processes and other elements.
It is consequently essential to establish that Apple’s approach in having HR policy’s may
not cover it completely, thus requiring the organization to ensure that it puts efforts in raising the
employee’s awareness for its policies and that these policies are reviewed frequently. A review
of HR policies may be attributed to the ever changing laws and regulations (Guest, & Woodrow,
2012, pp.110). This requires the organization to establish some of the areas that are irrelevant
and rewrite the sections. Apple will ensure that copies of these policies are redistributed to the
employees. The employees will then be required to append their signatures in acknowledging
they are in full agreement with the updates in the policies.

To ensure that these policies are fully updated within Apple, the acquisition of the
organizations management’s support in the process, especially in cases where the policies define
the employee’s behaviors remains essential. The endorsement of the revised policies by the
senior management will give the employees the gist to take these policies seriously (Ladge,
et.al.2015, pp. 160). In addition to this, inclusion of the staff members in the process would result
in a greater understanding and awareness in updating these policies. The staff members will be in
a position to establish their views and suggestions in regards to these policies in order to address
the unintentional outcomes of these policies upon implementation.
In this case, it is significant to establish that some of the elements learned in this module
would be effective in achieving this goal within this organization. One of the essential elements
that I learned and that can impact the functions of Apple include the need to revise these policies
by first establishing the priorities of the organization that are consequently split to determine the
amount of time since these policies were reviewed (Armstrong, 2014, pp.30). Once this process
is achieved, the HRM needs to assist the managers within the organization in implementing these
policies and effectively communicating them to the employees. Apple should therefore initiate
efforts as detailed in this letter in order to effectively enhance its HR policies that impact its




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