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write-up comparing two articles and arguing which one is more credible and why

which one is more credible and why

Perform a 2-3 page double spaced write-up comparing two articles and arguing which one is more credible and why.

In order to do this:

1.)Offer an introductory statement that introduces the articles, gives a brief description of what they are about, and state which one is more credible and why.

2.) In 2-3 (or more)  paragraphs, choose the 2-3 strongest criteria to make your case. What I mean by criteria is

 1.) author’s background, 2.) website reputation, 3.) evidence used, 4.) article’s purpose, 5.) tone and presentation. You don’t need to touch on all of these criteria, but only the ones that you have more to say about. Make sure to includes details for evidence. In making your case, make sure to make direct comparisons between the two articles. 

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