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VCI/EIIison Equipment-Coordinated Global Sourcing Process across Continents

VCI/EIIison Equipment-Coordinated Global Sourcing Process across Continents

Is Wealthier Healthier?

African nations tend not to have lower health outcomes, experiencing epidemics of infectious and non-
communicable diseases across the continent. There is substantial health inequality among and within
many nations in Africa. Similar disparities in health also exist in Latin America. Cuba, Costa Rica, and
Chile have health outcomes comparable to the United States, while Haiti�s health outcomes are

comparable to the less healthy parts of Africa.

A variety of arguments can be made for the reasons why there is great health inequity in these regions.
Some relate to the different colonial histories since health is transmitted inter-generationally. Colonization,
neoliberal globalization, including free market, free trade, and the unrestricted flow of capital with little
government influence, has resulted in large wealth inequalities. Some countries have cut their
government spending on health programs, which has led to devastating health outcomes.

For this Discussion, examine countries and their health problems.

Surname 2
Select two countries with different per-capita income levels such that one could be classified as a �high
income� nation and the other would not be classified in the same income category. Note: You may use
The World Bank website in your Learning Resources to identify countries and their income levels.

By Day 4, post a brief summary comparing the two countries and their health problems. Also, compare
how the economic level and income inequality in each country influenced other social determinants
(social dynamics, the status of women, education, or violence/homicide, etc.) for each country. Then,

explain the impact of the determinants on the health outcome in each country.

VCI/EIIison Equipment-Coordinated Global Sourcing Process across Continents

VCI/Ellison agrees with all the requirements that are supposed to be met by every global
sourcing organization. Global sourcing is very essential in the current society since all businesses
are coming together in order to have a mutual working relationship. This cooperation ensures
that a lot of value is given at a very low cost.

Surname 3
Development and changes in how businesses are conducted is a must.
Competition is so stiff, there are so many emerging competitors, organizations are coming up
with very new ways of doing business, leaders are developing new rules to govern how they run
their business and customers are demanding for value for their money. Consequently, this has
pushed almost every company to make use of the little resources that they have to produce more.
With global sourcing, most of these challenges are solved. Global sourcing will enable this two
organizations get the right skills at the right time and at a reasonable amount of money.
Maintaining and training a workforce is so expensive hence, many companies are unable to
manage this. Furthermore, global sourcing will generate more savings for the two organizations
which can eventually be used to support very valuable projects in the organization. Therefore,
with globalization, VCI/EIIison organizations are in support of this initiative since it lowers any
challenge that can arise within the organization. As a result of this initiative, these two
organizations are assured of very high efficiency rate and initiate projects of great value which
are also very profitable. In addition, global sourcing will enable the two organizations to have an
advantage over their competitors. Furthermore, they will also improve on the quality of goods
and services offered to the clients both nationally and internationally (Gong, 100-150).

Work cited

Gong, Y. (2013). Global operations strategy: Fundamentals and practice. Berlin: Springer.

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