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Variable Relationships

It is important that the writer pay attention to all details and respond accordingly. The 3 main

questions pose here must be responded to in detail.

Variable Relationships

(HRM) Practices on Employee Performance). To do this present the following:

  1. State your proposed research questions and hypotheses for your DBA doctoral study research.
  2. Present how your study constructs are relational, and not causal (unless you have a true experimental
    condition. If you have a true experimental condition, with all expected components, defend all causal


  1. Finally, discuss how and whether your envisioned DBA doctoral study’s questions will be sufficiently
    answered by bivariate correlations, or whether multivariate methods are more appropriate.


Effects of Human Resource practices on employee performance

Correlation does not always imply that causation exists. Causation refers to any act or
process of triggering something to happen or to exist. It is an explanation of the relationship
between a situation or event and its possible cause. Hence, a correlation between any two
variables does not directly imply that one causes another. Correlation can be used further as a
basis for the testing hypothesis of a true existence of the relationship.
Research question
Research question identification forms one of the major elements in any research. It
narrows down the focus of a study. The elements necessary for the research question should
focus on the core meaning and individual’s personal experiences. Qualitative factors rather than
quantitative factors need to be considered. Also, individual experiences need to be expressed in

an intimate manner and be formed without bias (Batt, et’al,.2011). Therefore, the research
questions in this research study are the following: What are the effects of Human Resource
Practices on employee performance.
A major role is to design interview questions to gain an understanding of human resource
and employees. These questions facilitated understanding of value formation, development, how
they are applied and how the results can help the business society understand effects of the
variables. A phenomenological methodology will allow for an understanding of the effects of
human resource practices on employee performance (Guest, D. E. 2011). The following
interview questions are intended to answer the research question.
What factors in your background influence your job performance?
How does motivation impact on the level of production from individual employee levels?
The hypothesis found the correlation between motivation and performance. A well-
motivated workforce with effective reward formula leads to an increased level of production.
Also, state factors in the background of the safety at workplaces and their effects on
From the hypothesis, the variables are relational. This mainly arises because one variable
has a positive effect on another. In the case of motivation, it positively impacts how employees
behave in their workplaces. A rational manager who focuses on strategies to motivate employees
realizes the benefits positively. In the presence of this, the employees have a self drive and, thus,
perform duties without much supervision. One feels appreciated and the contribution he/she
awards the organization is appreciated (Guest, D. E. 2011). Concerning background, employees
who work in the safe environment can perform tasks positively. Safety and a clean working

environment are a key factor in optimizing production. Management can consider restructuring
the organization structure to enhance employee performance. However, some employees tend to
perform similarly even if the background of their workplaces are changed or altered. Hence, the
hypothesis relates to the problem and should not be considered causation (Jiang, et’al,.2012).
The relationship between these variables can be tested using bivariate relationship. Thus
is an implication that as one variable increases, the other variable increases. This contributes to a
linear relationship. Similarly, as one variable decreases, the other variable also increases. This
implies that when the management’s motivational tasks are increased, there is a positive result on
production. Any additional unit gives an additional effort to employees (Bratton, et’al,.2012).
This can be achieved through focused employee activities that include the award of tokens on
any overtime worked and other similar activities. Thus, human resource practices affect job
performance of employees, and one should consider improving this performance based on
employee needs by establishing their needs and capabilities.



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