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Using a Database for Strategic Business Development

Using a Database for Strategic Business Development


The Queen’s Inn is a popular northeastern resort with a three-story building on the Atlantic
Ocean in the United States. In the Queen’s Inn building, there are three varied types of rooms
which are Bay-window Side and Ocean. For instance, Bay-window types are rooms that offer
limited views of the ocean. However, the side type rooms usually overlook the side streets; while
the ocean type rooms are the located in front of the hotel that face the ocean. However, each of
the room type has a maximum capacity of ten rooms.
Room rates are in most cases dependent on length of stay, room choice, as well as number of
guests. However, room rates is likely to remain constant when the number of guests is equal or
less than 4 but when the hotel rooms are charged $20 more on a day-to-day basis particularly
when number of guests who have booked reservations within the hotel is between 5 to 6.
However, if a discount of 10% on day-to-day basis on the room rates would be offered to guests
for length of stay equal to or more than 7 days. This is attributable to the fact that over past ten
years, Queen’s Inn has been experiencing rapid and stable growth on business because it usually
three different types of packages to attract customers including vacation package for families that
are young, romantic weekend package for couples, as well as weekday discount package for
travelers who are in business.
Moreover, considering that ocean type room tend to be the most popular among the clients
because it always have the highest occupancy rate across customers of all types, the Queen’s Inn
management should embark on considering on raising the rates for Ocean type rooms as well as
focusing on oceanic views in their promotions and advertisement towards increasing its
attractiveness for the purpose of maximizing its revenues as well as profitability. However,
considering that the Queen’s Inn strongest customer base is the couples, this means that the

management of the restaurant is likely to retaining them especially by offering more discounts in
this category of customers as make their next time reservation.
Furthermore, since the side type of rooms in the restaurant are often booked by the young
families, Queen’s Inn should embark on offering more discounts and promotions of these
families vacation packages for the purpose of attracting more of these families to achieve high
occupancy rates for the Side rooms. Finally, in order for Queen’s Inn to attract more customers,
it needs to establish partnerships with equipment rental, restaurants, tour guides, as well as theme
parks for increased competitiveness.


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