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Use digital marketing to increase sales

How Caribbean retail stores can use digital marketing to increase sales

Table of Contents
1.0 Introduction 2
1.1 Research Questions: 2
1.2 Research Objectives: 2
2.0 Literature Review 2

2.1 Four PCs 3
2.2 Internet Marketing 4
2.3 Mobile Commerce 5
2.4 Social Media 5
3.0 Methodology 5
3.1 Sampling 5
3.2 Ethical issues 6
4.0 References 6

1.0 Introduction
Retailing marketing is the practice of promoting awareness and attention of goods and
services to make sales from their clientage. If you are operating a retail business, you need to
hold on to customers and follow religiously the four Ps. Furthermore, notice that customer is the
most important person in your business. He holds the key to every successful retail business.

Therefore, the business should revolve around the customer (Longfield et al. 205). The business
needs to know the customer and focus on the customer, to grow your business. The paper seeks
to understand how social media marketing can enhance sales in retail stores in the Caribbean.

1.1 Research Questions:

  1. How effective is social media in modern marketing
  2. Is social media the best strategy for increasing sales in retail business in the Caribbean

1.2 Research Objectives:

  1. To evaluate the effect of social media in increasing sales in retail stores in the Caribbean
  2. To determine whether or not social media is the best approach for enhancing sales in
    retail business in the Caribbean

2.0 Literature Review
Customer focus is a crucial part of any thriving business. That focus has to be part of any
business. Successful businesses have grown their businesses through defined customer-focused
culture. Direct bank and Virgin Atlantic are greater examples of businesses that have done that
and they have immensely succeeded (Ahmed & Majumder, 2014). They are both known for
delivering defined and distinct customer experience. Therefore, businesses should concentrate on
customer service from the first day and keep and take care of that tradition as the business grows.
To do this, people need to work together as a team and develop a customer caring culture
to do success. A business has to also notice that retail is detail. They should find areas that they
need to perfect in detail and focus on improving through a proper understanding of their
customers. They should focus on those details and aspire to make the details right, learn from
mistakes and do not repeat those mistakes, mistakes are okay, but too many mistakes will turn

the customers away, understanding those mistakes is key to mastering retail business (Kotler &
Philip, 2012).

2.1 Four PCs
Businesses should also understand the 4 ps. This principle helps business owners to know
the main foundation of a successful business; the four Ps: product, price, place, promotion
(Ahmed & Majumder, 2014).
 Product: the products required should be those that customers need to buy, in a good
range, satisfy needs and desires of customers and deliver profits to the business.
 Price: the price should be steady, and meet all necessities of the business. The price
should be reasonable to enable your customers buy your products and help them get the
value from your products.
 Place: you have to offer somewhere where your customers will buy your goods either
online or a physical store.
 Promotion: this involves informing the customers to know that you and your products
exist and are obtainable for them to buy.
To give the best customer service, understanding and knowing your customer is paramount.
Then learning to deliver more than what the customer expect by going an extra mile, each
delivering a little more than what they expect (Kotler & Philip, 2012). Doing this each time will
win them and make them loyal for a long period. The location is key to any business success and
it has an important impact on your success. The right place impacts your brand and product

2.2 Internet Marketing
The internet is opening up the world of non-geographic retail especially with the coming
mobile commerce. To boost sales the business should focus on the following. With analytics and
data metrics business can easily track initiated marketing campaigns; set goals and mechanisms
to track those goals and do a repeat marketing. Research shows that repeat marketing sells. Do
customers follow-up and develop a reward program. This encourages repeat customers. Become
a resource by engaging with customers and helping them. Training staff to make sales is also an
important reason for success. This helps keep customers loyal since staff are knowledgeable
about products and offer the right information required by customers. Develop a target customer
and build customer relationship through personal interaction in a bid to develop a long-lasting

2.3 Mobile Commerce
Research shows that information technology plays a pivotal role when it comes to
increasing business sales. With a website that is also mobile friendly, consumers can easily have
access not just to the latest brands and designs but also product reviews that enable them to make
critical decisions. According to Longfield et al., (2016), IPhone APPs have changed the way
shopping is conducted. Mobile computing presents an edge to the company because, apart from
communication, consumers can make purchases through mobile phones.

2.4 Social Media
According to Longfield et al., (2016) the prompt development and adoption of social
media marketing through platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram among others have
enabled companies to capture a certain niche of clients. However, companies are also expected to

have a glimpse of what is happening on social media platforms to devise best tactics of
marketing their wares. In particular, business should project a good name.

3.0 Methodology
The study will embrace not just a qualitative but also a quantitative method of research.
The qualitative method will utilize previous studies on digital marketing, consumer behavior in
the modern age, videos, periodicals, and books from libraries. On the other hand, the quantitative
approach will gather facts from five different retail companies in the Caribbean using survey

3.1 Sampling
Sampling plays an important role in performing a study. Therefore, the study will use a
non-probability sampling technique to select the respondents.

3.2 Ethical issues
The scholar will take into consideration ethical issues stipulated by IRB so as to protect
the human subjects involved in the study.

4.0 References
Ahmed, Majumder Isnad. (2014). “Marketing tools in understanding a market and tackling a
growing competition case: carbon duty-free shop.

Kotler, Philip.(2012). Kotler on marketing. Simon and Schuster
Longfield, Kim, et al.(2016). “The role of social marketing organizations in strengthening

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