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Unit plan

Order Instructions:

Part 1

For the first part of your post, you will share your Unit Plan Outline and the three completed lessons

with your peers. This shared material will be of value to your classmates.

  • In a single Word document, compile the Unit Outline and outlines for your three lessons.
  • Your document should include the three lesson templates and supporting materials (e.g., written

assessments, practice worksheets, other written material).

  • Do not include the answers to the questions associated with each lesson plan.
  • Incorporate any missing information or edits needed as noted in the feedback for those


  • This should be included as an attachment in your discussion board post.

Part 2

In 2-3 paragraphs, write a comparison of the changes to your unit plan before and after its

transformation. What portions do you feel will have the greatest impact on your teaching and/ or
student learning of the concepts within this unit and/ or associated concepts and why?

The template provided me with an opportunity to make some changes to my unit plan
to improve its effectiveness. The first change was that in my original unit plan, I only focused
on the basic knowledge sections linked to the lesson. On the other hand, in the new unit plan,
I was able to go beyond the basic cognitive domains to focus on ways to enhance students
creativity. Secondly, in the initial unit plan the focus was on the concepts in the lesson while
I neglected the introduction part.
Contrariwise, in the new unit plan, I understood the importance of placing more
attention in the introduction section of the unit. I incorporated fun activities to attract the
attention of the students to the lesson. Finally, in the original unit plan, I focused more on the
students reading from course materials which were mainly textbooks and PowerPoint
presentations. The technology was limited in the learning process. Alternatively, in the new
unit plan, I was to incorporate digital gaming activities and virtual field trips to enhance the
learning process.
The portions that I felt had the largest impact on my teaching and students learning
process is the use of technology in the implementation section of the plan. The use of

podcasts, virtual field trips, and digital gaming activities were vital in the learning process.
The implementation section intrigued all the students in the class and provided them with an
opportunity to explore the concepts they had learned in class. Moreover, it provided the
students with practical applications of the mathematical concepts in the activities. I believe
the section managed to enhance the comprehension of the topics, hence reducing
memorization of formulas.
In conclusion, an effective unit plan should focus on the student’s needs. The
introduction of fun activities likes games and virtual field trips provides them with an
opportunity to manipulate the mathematical concepts. In addition, the plan should incorporate
both knowledge and creative domains in the learning process. Also, mathematics becomes
familiar to students when they can relate the concepts with real-life examples.

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