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Types of Product Calls

Types of Product Calls

Are recalls related only to the toy industry? Research the concept and post another industry that has
accumulated a large number of recalls (other than automobiles) and give some examples.

Types of Product Calls

No, product recalls are not related to toy industry only. This is because product
recalls occurred in other industries not only toy industry but the automobile industry, drug
industry, food industry and other areas such as batteries, appliances, and mobile industry.
Product recalls because the manufacturer identifies defects and problems that could impact the
health or life of consumers adversely (O’Malley, 2018). Therefore, a product recall is a request
from the manufacturer to return specific products after the discovery of safety issues or defects in
the product that could endanger consumers as well as put the distributor or manufacturer had a
risk of legal actions. According to O’Malley (2018), there is an increasing trend in product
recalls. For instance, the food industry has experienced product recalls such as the Chipotle’s
worst food poisoning outbreak where more than 700 people were affected. Hy-Vee, Inc has
voluntary recalled six of its potato and meat products across its eight-state region due to possible
contamination with Listeria and Salmonella moncytogenes. Besides, Working Cow recalled its
ice creams because of possible contamination of Listeria and Salmonella moncytogenes as well

as S&W has recalled its white beans due to undeclared sulfites. Fred Meyer Bakery recalled
angel food cake bar due to fear of undeclared soy and milk. Product recalls affect share price
significantly and can easily damage the brand image of a company (O’Malley, 2018). Therefore,
product recalls is not only related to the toy industry because other industries such as food,
appliances, automobile, and the drug industry have received product recalls too. The food
industry receives product recalls because of increasing possible contamination of products that
puts the safety of consumers at risk. It is vital to make product recalls in the food industry due to
safety issues associated with the consumption of contaminated food.


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