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Truth about Teddy’s products.

Write about the Truth about Teddy’s products.

On 23 rd December the year 2010, the National Olympic committee in conjunction with
the President of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), together with the head of unofficial
drugs and abuse testing unit, stripped of the gold medal from Paul Evans. Paul, an American
gold medalist in 800 meters dash at the Olympic stadium was stripped off his medal on
allegations and suspicion of drugs abuse in enhancing his outstanding performance. Paul denied
all the allegations.
The following is an exclusive and well investigated story of what actually happened. In
April 2010, just a month before the Olympic Games started, Paul walked in one of our shops in
Ohio where he bought a dose of vitamins and energy supplements known as Teddy 4, to boost
his energy during training. Teddy 4 is an instant energy booster and has no traces of anabolic
Anabolic Steroids are synthetic traces of testosterone. These are male hormones that are
responsible for muscle growth and development. They are normally used by athletes and other

The Truth about Teddy’s products 2
sports men and women to sustain endurance. They are used in medicine to promote hormones
needed during treatment of injury and other diseases (Staff, 2011).
Teddy 4 is manufactured in the United States of America as an energy booster and
vitamin supplement. However if Teddy 4 is taken together with another energy and vitamin
supplement enhancer known as Teddy 6a the results are quite different . Traces of androgenic
components were identified in the mixture. Androgenic molecules are also found in anabolic
steroids. These are drugs whose use is restricted and can only be administered by a registered
medical practionaire and for treatment purposes only (Kicman, Gower. 2003).
Anabolic steroids were banned in sports use because of their side reactions. They are
associated with mood swings, physical aggression, feelings of low esteem, general depression.
Following our conclusive findings Paul Evans was adequately compensated for the loss
he suffered and apologies were sent to all our esteemed clients for the “lack of advice and
caution against taking mixtures of our products”.
We have written to international Olympic committee president to reconsider Paul Evans
case as it was a case of lack of proper advice from Teddy’s Products limited that resulted in his
predicament. It’s our hope that Paul Evans will get back his Medal and that the mistake will
never be repeated again, on our part we have taken all the measures and requirements needed to
protect all our clients against negative exposure. We have invested heavily in production and
testing of all our products and the various mixtures and compositions are all safe.
Teddy’s Products ltd is committed to be becoming number one in production, distribution
and sales of energy supplements to the general public and to sports men and women in particular.

The Truth about Teddy’s products 3
We hope that this misdemeanor will not discourage you from taking our products. We
thank you so much for your continued support and as we expand you will be always part of our
business family.

The Truth about Teddy’s products 4


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