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Training or education held in a suitable location.

� Describe an experience you have had, in which training (or education) was

What made this location suitable for the type of training you received?

� Describe an experience you have had, in which training (or education) was not held in a suitable
location. What made this location unsuitable for the type of training you received?


Blanchard, N. P., & Thacker, J. (2013). Effective training (5th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall

BUS4047 Training and Development Training Venues


BUS4047 Training and Development Training Venues

Training is one of the important aspects that provide an opportunity to learn and acquire
more knowledge, skills and experience in different fields. Location or the venue the training
takes place impacts on the outcome of the training process. The author describes own training
experiences in a suitable and in unsuitable location.
One of the training that I had in a suitable location was on strategies to increase
productivity in our organization. The training was held in a different location away from our
organization. The change of environment was something that made this training stand out. In the
training, we met different professionals and successful people in various sectors. They motivated
us and installed in me with appropriate skills and knowledge on performance improvements. The
training furthermore, was a source of motivation and an opportunity to learn. Effective training
requires good coordination and planning. This training was successful because the planning was
superb. The room the training occurred was well arranged and this helped to support the training
objectives. The size of the room was enough to accommodate us, hence, this avoided any
distractions. The room was easy to access as the parking was ample. It was also convenience as it
was easy to access to various facilities such as shops. It was also in a siren environment, noise
free. The chairs were comfortable and could be moved to enhance our learning experience. The
room had enough lighting, had no posts or pillars that could distract our training.
I have as well had experiences in which the training was done in an unsuitable location.
This training was done in a noisy location. The location was along a busy street where there was
hooting of vehicles. Furthermore, the location lacked enough amenities such as lavatories. The
location therefore, affected our training because we could not hear what the speaker was saying.


Lack of enough facilities as well impacted negatively on our training. The room was not wired to
support use of microphone and this affected the training, as the voice of the trainer could not be
heard. This was strenuous for me as I struggled to hear what the speaker was saying. At the end
of the training, I had not learned much. The temperatures in the room were high causing
discomfort. The thermostat was malfunctioning. Therefore, from this training, I learned that
location is very critical if training is to be successful. The organizer must identify a siren
environment to undertaken any kind of training as it impacts on the training process outcome.

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