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Training Need Assessment

The Importance of TNA

Assignment Requirements:

�Written communication: Write in a professional style with correct grammar, usage, and mechanics.

�APA formatting: Use APA (6th edition) style and formatting to present your references and citations.

ASSIGNMENT INSTRUCTIONS: Share a poor training situation you have experienced.

You have most likely experienced some training during your life; some of it good and to the point, some of
it maybe not so good. Have you ever attended a training program where:

  1. You could not read the presentation slides?
  2. You knew you would never use the material?


  1. You were told your office does not use this information, but they would train you on the concepts

****Describe how a Training Need Assessment (TNA) could have corrected this program.

The Importance of TNA

Training plays a critical role in sharpening skills and knowledge among individuals
hence, contributes to good performance. This paper shares an experience of poor training
situation experienced and provides an explanation of how a Training Need Assessment (TNA)
could have solved this.
I have attended different training programs at college and even at my workplace. Some of
the training sessions had positive impact on my life whereas others did not. I vividly remember
one of my poorest training events organized by the company I used to work. The training was


irrelevant since the information provided was not useful and even adding value to my skills. I felt
that the topic was not appropriate for the audience at the time. I was also disappointed on the
communication channels used. The speakers even though were audible, the presentation slides
were not visible and therefore, contributed to the confusion. Furthermore, the speakers seemed
not to command authority, as they were not objective. The sources of their information were
questionable, as sources were not disclosed. I therefore felt disappointed, as I could not see how
the training would add value to me and enable me improve in my work.
This problem however, could have been corrected using a Training Need Assessment.
The organizer would have taken time to collect, analyze data to support this decision-making
concerning the appropriateness of the training (Ferreira & Abbad, 2013). TNA would have
assisted in assessing the needs of the training and in identifying and defining those people
supposed to undertake the training, and the content to be taught. Determining, the what, who,
when, why and how of the training would therefore have ensured that the training was relevant
(Murphy, 2015).


Ferreira, R. R., & Abbad, G. (2013). Training Needs Assessment: Where We Are and Where We
Should Go. BAR – Brazilian Administration Review, 10(1), 77-99.
Murphy, N. (2015). Reliable TNA in seven steps. Training Journal, 29-32.

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