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The Value of Studying Ethics in Leadership

The Value of Studying Ethics in Leadership
Choose one of the following statements and argue your position (are you in favor or opposed to the
statement). You should use at least three credible sources to support your argument.
� We can become more ethical leaders by examining cases of unethical leadership.
� The most important quality a leader should have is authenticity.
� Incompetent leaders can’t be ethical leaders.
� It is possible to use transformational leadership strategies to reach unethical objectives.
� An action or a decision cannot be ethical unless a leader reaches it using ethical processes.
� Traditional leadership theories and moral standards are not adequate to help employees solve
complex organizational issues.

The Possibility of Using Transformational Leadership Strategies to Reach Unethical


Ethics within an organization establishes the codes of moral values and principles that
govern the manner in which employees behave and conduct their selves in respect to the rights
and wrongs within an organization. The success of an organization, in this case, depends on the
inclusion of efficient leadership approaches, an aspect that aids in the achievement of ethical

objectives (Woodward & Shaffakat, 2016). On the other hand, the transformational form of
leadership entails a process through which leaders initiate actions aimed at increasing ethical
awareness in employees and raise motivational elements that move beyond an interest of an
It is, however, essential to note that the inclusion of transformational leadership
approaches has the capacity to reach unethical objectives especially in an instance where these
leaders fail to establish moral values and ethical standards within an organization (Woodward &
Shaffakat, 2016). An instance of this can be viewed in an unethical conduct of a transformation
leader, thus resulting in the followers adapting to such behaviors. When a leader acts unethically,
his leadership characteristics mare the organization’s values, vision, and mission, thus implanting
unethical values within the organization.
These factors are supported by the fact that the failures of leaders in initiating morality,
honesty, trustworthy, authority, and authenticity translates to the employees who follow in the
footprints of the toxic and unethical transformational leaders, thus reaching unethical objectives
in an organization (Fehr, Kai Chi & Dang, 2015). Alternatively, another factor that would result
in transformational leadership strategies reaching unethical objectives remains in the decision-
making process. Unethical transformational leadership approaches fail in adhering to an
organization’s vision in achieving their long-term goals. This establishes the fact that these
leaders may fail in initiating good relationships with the employees, an aspect that hinders



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