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The Role of Music in the Single Moms Club

If you check on my profile i have 2 different orders. the 1st one is before and the 2nd one is After
1970.just wanted to clarified that detail in case two different people are doing it.
im instructed to watch a movie and create a movie review from a musical perspective.
im suposed to describe how music flows in the movie, describe the characteristics of the music in the
movie, mention any famous themes in the movie, any leitmotifs, what type of intruments were used, or
mention any famous music authors of the movie.

The Role of Music in the Single Moms Club
The Single Moms Club is one of the comedy-drama movies in the American film industry
released in 2014. Similar to other films directed by Tyler Perry, his unsubtle nature is evident
through the embedded themes and artistic approaches used to enhance the relationship between
the characters and the targeted audience. The characters are brought together by an incidence in a
preparatory school, which their children attend 1 . As part of the institution’s regulations, the five
single parents have to organize a fundraising ceremony. In the process, they realize that they
have similar problems perpetrated by their comparable social life. Despite the differences in their
social classes, they strive to offer support to each other by initiating a single moms club. By
effectively manipulating the emotions of the viewers, this movie aims at promoting certain
desirable values within various social frameworks. One of the suitable artistic tactics used by the
director of this film entails the careful incorporation of music. Christopher Young is responsible
for the music in this film. Owing to the essence of music in a movie, this paper will highlight the
role of this artistic tactic in The Single Moms Club. This will entail the flow of music in this film
1 View The Single Moms Club for a comprehension of the plot

Surname 2
as well as the characteristics of the integrated songs. This will aid in relating the music and
themes in this movie.
There is limited use of music in this film. However, Tyler Perry and Christopher Young
have collaborated in incorporating specific songs in different scenes of the movie. The dissimilar
songs are effective in creating a specific mood and triggering particular emotions among the
audience depending on the intentions of the director in setting a flowing storyline. For instance,
at the beginning of the film’s plot, the compositions are generally soft and calm. One of the key
reasons of integrating this type of songs in the initial scenes of the film is to set a mood among
the audience that highlights the problems faced by the five single parents. This is evident when
Hillary is confronted by her daughter. The young girl asks her, “Why do you always make
people leave us?” 2 The background music not only shows the psychological effect of these
assertions on Hillary but it also aids in creating a sad and sympathetic mood and the relevant
emotions among the audience. The sad mood triggered by the peaceful background music
changes to a vibrant and lively atmosphere when the five single mothers start benefiting from the
emotional support provided by the newly created single moms club. After May proposes that
they take turns to babysit the children while the rest of the group goes out o have fun, the
background music shows the relaxed nature of the characters as they try to forget about their
predicaments in life. When Lytia, Hillary, Jan, and Esperanza go to an entertainment club, the
embedded music is effective in changing the mood and emotions exhibited by the audience 3 .
There are certain distinct characteristics of the music embedded in this film. One such
trait entails rhythm. Rhythm focuses on the pace, beat, and the evident pattern of weak or strong
beats. In this movie, the director uses these components of rhythm to create the right mood with

2 View the initial scenes of The Single Moms Club to understand the plot
3 The mid scenes of the film highlights the role of music in setting the mood and triggering emotions

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reference to the embedded themes. In addition, the music integrated in differ scenes of this film
exhibits sound fidelity. This refers to the capability of the incorporated sound to be authentic to
its source as conceived by the targeted audience. For instance, in this movie, the background
music playing when the single mothers go to an entertainment joint concurs with the entire event.
These characteristics are defined by certain noteworthy instruments. Various scenes have music
composed by use of different instruments depending on the mood and the emotions it seeks to
trigger among the audience. For example, when May reunites with her son and enters in a
romantic relationship with TK, one can easily note the piano in the song playing in the
background 4 . The softness of the resultant melody creates an atmosphere filled with love and
calmness. In contrast, drums and a saxophone are some of the key musical instruments used to
compose a melody in the scene at an entertainment joint. This initiates a lively and relaxed
atmosphere. Through the created mood, the audience relates with the characters as they acquire a
new sense of life away from their problems.
In line with the general role of music in a film, there are various themes enhanced by this
artistic tactic. One such theme is societal discrimination. The problems faced by the five women
in this movie are somewhat due to the fact that they are not in a stable romantic relationship.
Accordingly, the outside society does not understand their predicaments and make it hard for
them to cope with their challenges due to the evident alienation. In addition, love is a theme
enhanced by the embedded soft melodies. Despite the challenges they have been facing in their
social life, it is obvious that the five main characters are hopeful of finding loving partners.

4 The final scenes of the film highlight the relationship between music and the plot with reference to the
embedded mood and emotions

Surname 4

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