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The Right Fit

The writer will use a minimum of 4 references as he compose this paper. Proper APA 6th edition must be
use throughout the entire paper. The writer must also read very carefully the instructions and writer the
paper base on the instructions in the order form. the writer must also clearly identify the two projects
chosen and also the others that where not chosen as indicated in the instructions below.


Before establishing project management approaches used in a planned project, it is
essential for the project managers to evaluate the project requirements and the elements that are
attached to bets management methods required in the completion of a project. As determined by
Wysocki, there is a need to build a project landscape based in two variables that include the
solution and the goal for a project(Wysocki, 2014). This paper seeks to evaluate the
methodologies of managing projects as presented by Wysocki

Appropriate Approaches to Management of Projects

As determined, it is practicable for the project managers to evaluate the project
requirements and the elements that are attached to best management methods required in the
completion of a project. The four approaches to the management of projects include:
The Agile Project Management Approaches (APM)
The Agile Project Management approach is purely inclined on the determination of a
well-defined goal that lacks the means for a solution. According to Wysocki (2014), the two
types of Agile Project Management approaches are the Iterative and Adaptive approaches (pp.
302). The Iterative model provides a project with the solutions that are mostly known while the
Adaptive approach, the solutions may not be determined.
The Traditional Project Management Approach (TPM)
The Traditional Project Management approach is based on determining both the goal of a
project and its solutions. It has been established that this approach involves projects that are
considered as repetitious in nature(Blackstone, Cox, & Schleier, 2009). Several fast food chains,
big box retailers and pharmacies employ this prototype of management.
The Extreme Project Management Approach (XPM)
The Extreme Project Management approach of project management occurs when neither
the goal nor the solution of a project is defined. This approach is mostly used on the development
and research of projects with a type of project requiring that its clear goals and solutions are
known(Blackstone, et.al.2009). Such projects are considered of high risk since they are
basically managed on trials and errors.

The Emertxe Project Management Approach (MPx)

In this project management approach, the solution to the project is well defined with the
goal of the project not clearly defined(Hamel, 2012). This process may be effective in the
development of new projects on technology or systems that fail to have a well-known
Analysis of Two Projects in Line with the Approaches of Project Management
Developing a Computer Game
In the development of a computer game, it is essential to establish that there would be a
possibility of information that determines the solution and that would miss the aspect of
determining the goal of the project(Hamel, 2012). It is consequently essential to establish the fact
that the managers handling such a project may have the solution on developing this project; but
the lack of clearly defined goals may insinuate that the project may be operating under risks.
This clearly depicts that the use of the Extreme Project Management (MPx)would be applicable
in this scenario.
The Development of a Marketing Campaign for a Medical Hardware Company
The development of the medical company’s marketing campaign is directed towards a
goal in which the project is focused for solutions of achieving the goal (Sommer, & Loch, 2004).
The goal of the project would be to improve the company’s sales or delivery of services with the
employment of a marketing campaigns directed towards the achievement of the goals of the
project. Traditional Project Management (TPM) approach in this case remains an effective tool
that would aid the managers of this project to effectively determine the goals and the solutions of
this project.



It is consequently essential to consider that the choice of these approaches would clearly
determine what the project managers need to consider when evaluating projects to determine an
effective project Management approach that would suit the development of projects within a


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Indianapolis, IN: Wiley.

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