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The most serious mistake for me based in my experience with one of my managers is ” Unable to think Strategically”

Unable to think Strategically

POST 1: The most serious mistake for me based in my experience with one of my managers is  ” Unable to think Strategically” by having unclear values and conflicting priorities, most of the time it’s really not the strategy but the process by which it was formed. for example, a manager having a meeting with employees about a project that need to get done, there is little constructive conflict in meeting and the real decision get made outside the room.By not speaking with a common voice about strategy and value the manager can put lower level employee not doing the right thing in the right way which can put the business at risk, with the ineffective leadership , it brings the lack of a clearly defined process for opening a constructive debate and carrying it through to a decision.  If the whole team is not involved clarity and commitment are not possible. Even though all 10 tops mistakes are things that really important to work on , The least mistake that can cause problem to a business i can say is “unable to adapt to boss with different style”, i have work with different companies and i think this mistakes is one of the most common one i have seen in all companies, but still they still manage to keep everyone doing the job right. For example: A manager who promote one of his employee as his assistant just because they are friends , but that employee doesn’t really have the skills to meet the requirements as assistance.

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