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The Concepts of Equality and Social Equity

Discussion: The Concepts of Equality and Social Equity

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The American inequality system stems from its inability to control the Wall Street financial
system whose basis is founded on democratic principles that have been hijacked by the holders
of the top government agencies that have been charged with the responsibility of creating and
implementing policies that are fair to all citizens of the America. The top executives of
multinational companies that control the economy of the US and their liaison offices have made
Washington their second home in an effort to be close to the center of American political power.
Policies and laws that are against the interest of these companies are quietly lobbied and done
away with even before they reach the glare of the public.

Discussion: The Concepts of Equality and Social Equity
The American social system and the equality structures have been greatly undermined by the
following three setbacks;
 Massive concentration of income or financial earnings at the top or highest end of
economic ladder
 Government policies centered on winner-take-it all
 No attention on long term transformation of these policies that lies behind the American
political offices.
These weaknesses are partly interrelated as they stem from political offices that have the powers
to control their influences through proper and effective implementation of legislation that may
make it illegal for some corporations to engage in lobbying for enactment of bills that border on
open discrimination against some sections of the population. There is a direct relationship
between the sudden rises of inequality and the American politics.
The American public administration has attempted to address the core values and social equity in
public administration but the irony is that over the years the American system has grown less
equal practically in all aspects of social life, economically and even politically. The gap between
the have and have-nots is steadily increasing. Henri Fayol’s principles of equity in employment
seem not to be working for the American people. The concepts of social equity are based on
justice, equality and fairness in public administration.
The government needs to ensure that there is moral leadership in public administration where
social equity is a must in all its undertakings where social justice is proactively implemented and

Discussion: The Concepts of Equality and Social Equity
the laws are administered in a fair manner. The task force on the American inequality that was
conducted by the American Political Science Association concluded that;
 Disparities in income distribution, access to opportunities and wealth is growing more
sharply in America than in any other country globally.
 The progress made on the ideals of American democracy may be stalling and in some
areas even reversed.
 The interests of the better-off are conveyed to the government with consistency, clarity
and also forcefully. On the contrary the interests of the majority of Americans who are
lower or moderate income earners pass without any notice.

  1. The Enron scandal brought to the limelight the greed of the American system where even the
    professionals were not spared. The dissolution and the subsequent arrests of the directors of the
    Arthur Andersen audit and accounting consultants and the prosecution of the managers of Enron
    Corporation was a win against the inequality of the American system. The losses were colossal
    and it was a big loss to the American people. (Porretto, 2007)
    The directors of Enron paid themselves billions of dollars without regard to the American tax
    payers while under the supervision of Arthur Andersen who mandated to safeguard the tax
    payers funds. It was a case of a social injustice as well as the perpetration of inequality in the
    American system of administration.
  2. Job applications to certain private firm’s may be a waste of time because of different reasons.
    But when I succeeded in getting an interview with a private auditing company in New York I
    was excited. The interview never took place as i was classified as mistaken identity the moment I

Discussion: The Concepts of Equality and Social Equity
turned up at the reception. The only reason I was given was that I was not the one they expected
despite my evident admirable records and testimonials. The reason that could justify my
unsuccessful interview was probably not related to my qualification or capability to handle the
job but maybe other factors may have contributed like race or nationality.
The American government has attempted to address the core values in public and private
companies that deal with segregation and diversity as well implemented the American civil act of
1964 that outlaws any forms of discrimination but it has to do more to educate the public on the
dangers of discrimination and its effects on future generations.
I have chosen this strategy as it’s democratic and peaceful. Its effect if implemented may
increase social cohesion and promote the growth of natural justice in America.

Porretto, J. (2007). “Ex-Enron broadband head sentenced” . USA Today . Archived from the
original on 2010-10-17. Retrieved 2010-10-17.

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