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the Concepts of Conservatism and Liberalism

Applying the Concepts of Conservatism and Liberalism

1.First, visit the website for National Review Online.

This is a leading conservative magazine and articles are written from various points on the conservative
spectrum. Occasionally, it may disagree with a point on the lecture outline of liberal and conservative
views. Select an article to review. If there are no suitable articles at the National Review Magazine
website, you may select an article from Real Clear Politics
Alternatively, you may look at copies of the magazine at a bookstore or college library and choose an
article that way. Select an article that is at least 800 words.

  1. Second, review the concepts in the lecture on conservatism and liberalism. You must refer to the
    presentations to receive full credit.
  2. Third, identify the key themes of the article. Compare these with what you have learned about
    conservatism and liberalism. What conservative ideas do you find expressed in the article? Why do you
    call them conservative? Are any liberal points present in the article? If so, what are they? Why do you call
    them liberal?
    Your thread must consist of 2 paragraphs. In the first paragraph, you must summarize the content of the
    article and identify the thesis of the author. In the second paragraph, you must give the analysis,
    explaining why the article should be considered conservative or liberal based on the presentations.
    you can apply the conceptual material provided in the presentation outline and your textbook to actual
    writings you might encounter outside of this course.

Your thread must offer several points of analysis and demonstrate that you have reviewed the
presentation by making references to the points from the presentation. Select an article that is long

enough to give you sufficient points upon which to write. Include the author and title of the article you choose and cite the source.

Hillary’s Sincerity Problem

Hillary Clinton’s sincerity problem

The article analyses the political debate of the Democratic Party that took place between
Clinton and Sanders. It sets out to note among the two candidates who stood for communism and

who was for socialism. It is evidenced that none of the parties strongly defended either of the
methods. What is evidenced by their debate is that none of the candidates is a natural politician.
The observation does not auger well for Clinton as observed by the writer. The long existence of
Hillary Clinton in politics makes it necessary that she has some edge over Sanders. She is
supposed to be a seasoned politician. It does also come with the dawn of the writer that the writer
is not astonished by the absence of sincerity in Clinton according to (National Review Online,
2016). The lack of sincerity is shown by the way she laughed over the course of the interview;
she remained hysterical.
The writer also raises questions about the high levels of corruption that Clinton may have
observed in her full glare. The writer starts off by mentioning the Clinton foundation that the
writer terms as giant access-selling enterprise that is carrying out operations in the name of
charity organization. The writer also mentions about the role of the husband in the run to
presidency. The writer equally mentions the infamous scandal that the husband was involved. It
is also evidenced that the Clinton’s have a special connection to the billionaires on Wall Street.
The group of billionaires has been the main concern by the majority of residents in U.S. The
system need to be changed. The change shall make it possible or the realization of high levels of
economic performance within the U.S. The emails allegedly send by Clinton were later supposed
to be clarified by her as she claimed during the debate.


National Review Online,. (2016). Hillary’s Sincerity Problem.

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