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Teaching algebraic reasoning

Teaching algebraic reasoning

After reading Chapters 6-14 from Kiss My Math (McKellar, 2009), discuss the following:
Share one Short Cut Alert, Takeaway Tip, or strategy discussed by McKellar that resonated with you
when teaching or learning algebra.
Explain why it resonated with you.
In addition, share your own Short Cut Alert, Takeaway Tip, or strategy that you utilize in your own
classroom when teaching number sense or algebraic reasoning.
Discuss the targeted grade level (8th grade) and how it is an effective teaching tool.

Word count: 282


McKellar (2009), used takeaway tips to summarize the concepts discussed in each
chapter of the book. The use of the takeaway tips makes it easy for the students to
comprehend algebra concepts. Also, they reduce the workload of the students when revising
for an examination. The language used in the takeaway tips is easy for all the students to
comprehend. Lastly, some examples have been included in the takeaway tips to complement
what is being discussed. This provides the students with an opportunity for them to translate
the literature into equations.
In the book by Van de Walle et al., (2013), the takeaway tips are referred to as big
ideas. In my case, I will also use the takeaway tips but in a different way. The takeaway tips
will summarize the topics that we have tackled in class. Audio and video presentations will
be used in summary. They will also contain a hint on the different books students can use to
find detailed explanations.
This will make it easy for the students to not only use coursework, reading materials,
but other books when studying algebra. Moreover, in the video presentation, I will use games
to break down the complex concepts that we have tackled in various units. The video
presentation will also include a series of examples that will summarize the various concepts.
In conclusion, in 8 th grade nearly all the students have mobile phones which they use
on a regular basis. Introduction of the takeaway tips in the form of audio and video reduces
the reliance on textbooks. It will also give the students with an opportunity to study the
algebra concepts on their free time.


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