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Sustainable Solutions Paper

Sustainable Solutions Paper

This paper is a continuation of 112582 and the writer must refer to that paper before completing this 6
points listed below. The writer will also note that he has to write and executive summary for the entire
paper , he must follow the instructions for writing that summary and also the conclusion. The writer must

also follow the instructions for written each level heading as indicated below

The writer will expand and elaborate more on this aspects of Apple Inc. listed below which is the company
chosen for this paper. The writer will reference to #112582. For this paper the writer will start by giving an

Executive summary

o Boid Analysis

o Industry Evolution Modeling

o Life Cycle Assessment

o Sustainable Value Framework Analysis


Sustainable Solutions Paper

Executive summary
The paper aims to gain insights on how Apple Inc creates value and how it can improve
in future by adjusting its systems. Apple is one of the most competitive companies in the world.
The company deals in personal computers and other products such as iPhone, iPod, Smartphones
among others. The pioneer founders of the company are Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak.
The paper furthermore covers on various aspects including applying traditional strategic
thinking, applying complexity analyses and applying systems and sustainability analyses
focusing on Apple Inc. These tools capture on the bigger picture of Apple challenges and its
future operations and profitability. Application of these tools as well provides a detailed analysis
for the company to create long term viability and future success.
This sections covers on various aspects including stakeholder identification and value
chain analysis, general forces analysis of Apple, porter five forces industry Analysis: industry
environment and a detailed value chain analysis: internal environment, and detailed SWOT

Analysis. Results from stakeholder identification and value analysis show the company to be
focusing on the utility of its products for the customers to accrue maximum benefits. The focus
of Apple is on the specific stakeholder such as the college students. The company employs a
broad enterprise strategy as it aims to remain competitive in the market and accrue higher profits.
Results from General Forces analysis (GFA) indicates that threats stems from GFA
subsection on government/military /legal. The company is expected to pay heavy taxes that
reduce its profitability. Second threat is GFA subsection Economics as the company is faced
with challenge of high expectation from customers hence, must remain at the top of the game.
These therefore pose harm to future profitability of the company opportunities is on the increased
consumer markets, through high promotion and advertisements and aligned with skills,
competences and the capabilities of employees.
Results from Porters Five Forces reveals threats as supplier bargain powers and the
increased rivalry in the industry from major companies such as Nokia and Samsung. These
therefore have a negative impact on the company profitability. Opportunities include low
bargaining power of buyers and wider consumer base.
Value chain analysis indicates that Apple value chain is successful when it comes to
exploiting skills, strengths and capabilities to overcome the weaknesses. The strengths of the
company include its firm infrastructure, research and development, HRM marketing and
technology, logistics. The company is innovative and this has enabled it to remain competitive in
the market.
The SWOT analysis is also used and it reveals the strategies and action plans that have
contributed in positioning Apple strength, capabilities, skill to leverage opportunities, mitigate

the weaknesses and protect it from threats (Apple Case Study, 2012). The company strength is
based on its quality products and wider consumer bases. The company strategy type is on
differentiated and customer relations. The company produces products that are of high quality
and focused on target audiences. They as well focus on customer relations to attract and retain
their customers. The paper as well applies complexity analysis by incorporating boid analysis,
industry evolution modeling, life cycle assessment and sustainable value framework analysis.
Boid analysis encompasses various issues that makes the company competitive such as use of
success stories, producing products that meet the demands of the market. Industry evolution
modelling has enabled the company to adapt to strategies that will enable it remain competitive
in future such as use of software and hardware suitable to their business model. Life cycle
assessment helps the company to make informed decisions and understand their strengths while
sustainability value framework provide valuable information on strategic intent thinking and
strategic planning to employ methods that promote sustainability and future profitability.
Boid analysis
Boid analysis is a tool that helps to enhance understanding of the attractiveness of the
industry and the strategies that the company can adopt to remain competitive. The first rule that
Apple Inc., has employed to create an attractive market is to invest in innovation. The company
is producing products that meet consumers’ needs (Porter, 2008). The customer experience of
using these products has contributed to its leadership in market. The products are therefore
aligned to the market needs hence the leadership. The company has adopted an aggressive
marketing and promotional strategy through success stories among others that has enabled it to
retain competitive. The company strategy is in tandem with the customer demands as products
delivered are aimed at satisfying the customers.

Industry evolution modeling
Evolution model is a concept that explains the continuous changes that organizations
experience in a given industry. Apple has continued to evolve and to adapt to strategies as the
industry grows and matures. The company adopted a guaranteed recurring cash flow focusing on
customers that are not its regular consumers. It has as well developed a computing software and
hardware that suits its model of business. The company produces its own mobile devices and
iTunes that are suitable to its business model (Sahoo, 2012). The company as well has the
capacity to make adjustments in the business model to ensure that it works or it performs better.
Applying Systems and Sustainability Analyses
These systems include Life Cycle assessment and sustainable value framework analysis.
Life Cycle Assessment
Company goes through various stages of development that usually play a critical role in
informing their decisions and strengths. The stages of development or life cycles include
development stage, start stage, growth state and expansion and maturity stage. Apple. Inc is at
maturity stage and this means that it has experienced other stages to its current stage. At this
stage, the market is competitive because of few and vibrant players that have managed to
overcome or survive the previous stages (Harvard Business School Press, 2005). Because of this
competition from other big players such as IBM, Nokia and Samsung, Apple. Inc must adapt to
appropriate strategy to remain profitable. Some of the strategies that Apple has so far adopted is
to differentiate its products from those available in the market. This has enabled it to remain

Sustainable Value Framework Analysis
Organizations nowadays are embracing the concept of sustainability because of the
benefits it accrues to them. Entities have to embrace strategic planning and strategic intent
thinking to reap the value of sustainability and remain competitive (Liedtka, 2011). Different
measurements instruments can be used to measure the effectively of the sustainability initiatives
in Apple such as through weekly reports, and evaluation results. Apple needs to ensure that it
maintains continuous oversight to keep track of its objectives. Apple finds pride in its friendly
work environment combined with motivated highly knowledgeable employees.
Apple Inc. is one of the companies that have continued to grow and spread across the
globe. The company has managed to remain competitive in the iPhone and iPod markets across
the world. It embraces innovation and creativity. It also focuses on meeting customer needs
something that has enabled it to compete favorably with other larger players in the market such
as Samsung, Nokia and IBM. The company as well applies high-end technologies to its product
designs. The organization culture and work ethics have as well gone extra miles in taking the
organization this far it has gone. The company profitability and future sustainability is evidenced
by various tools employed in its analysis such as the generic forces, porters five forces, SWOT
analysis and other complexity analysis tools such as boid analysis, industry evolution modeling
analysis and Systems and Sustainability Analyses.



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