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Strategic planning cycle

Strategic planning cycle

Strategic planning cycle 2
 business communication
A strategic planning cycle is used when there is a health issue to be addressed and there
are various methods available for addressing this issue. It aims at finding and implementing the
most appropriate method that will last longer than any other method (Dunham-Taylor & Pinczuk,
2015, pg 555). The following are the concepts that affect the strategic planning cycle.
Involvement of the appropriate people
For an effective and strategic planning cycle, it is essential to involve an appropriate
number of stakeholders. The number of participating members should also be a considerable and
appropriate one. These members should also be relevant to the planning process. (Hood, 2013,
pg 475)
Addressing of critical issues
A strategic planning cycle will require that all the critical issues are addressed before
starting the planning cycle and during the process period so as to avoid the focusing on minor
issues and ignoring the critical ones. This can be achieved through choosing a topic that is not
too difficult for the members to comprehend and also choosing a manageable amount of issues.
(Hood, 2013, pg 475)
Planning within an ethical time
The planning of the strategic planning process should be done within a framework of an
appropriate time so as to ensure that enough amount of time is allocated to the implementation of
the planning cycle. (Hood, 2013, pg 476)

Financial planning

Strategic planning cycle 3
An effective planning cycle will require adequate funding and this requires financial
planning to be done before the starting of the planning cycle and the financial planning should
not be done independent of the strategic planning. If this is not done then it is highly likely that
the strategies may not be feasible (Penner, 2013, pg 54)
Flexibility of plans in relation to the dynamic environment
The plans set out in the strategic planning cycle should not be too rigid as it is required to
encompass the dynamic changing environment so as to enable for the implementation of these
plans. (Hood, 2013, pg 476)
Resistance to change
This can cause the derailment of the implementation of a critical issue thus it is important
for any resistance to be addressed in a swift manner so as to avoid any effects that may be
devastating. (Hood, 2013, pg 476)
In the strategic planning process, a nurse manager has important roles to play and these
are as follows. (Roussel, 2013, pg 360)
Firstly, the nurse manager oversees the appropriate implementation of the financial
planning that has been drafted for the strategic planning process.
Secondly, it is the work of the nurse manager to interpret the issues set out in the
strategic planning concept to the other nurses and also prioritizes what might be seemed to be the
most crucial issues. The nurse manager is also expected to oversee the addressing of these
critical issues.
Thirdly, the nurse manager is expected to provide an environment that is conducive to
the participating members of a strategic planning will work in during the implementation of the

Strategic planning cycle 4
issues of the planning cycle. This works through continuous communication between the nurse
manager and the participating members.
Fourthly, a nurse manager is required to choose the participating members of the health
planning process. This is supposed to be done in a systematic manner so as to avoid the selecting
of many or too few members or members who are irrelevant to the planning process.
Lastly, the nurse manager is expected to choose the method to be used in the planning
process since strategic planning involves the choosing of an appropriate method out of a number
of available methods to address a certain health issue.

Strategic planning cycle 5


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