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State Party Structure

State Party Structure


The organization of major political parties in the United States i.e. Democrats and
Republicans is generally at the national, state, and local (usually county/precinct) levels. In this
case, the structure of state party to be considered is that of the Republican Party of Texas. The
structure of the Republican Party of Texas consists of the State Chairman, State Vice Chairman
and the State Executive Committee all of which are elected at the State Convention (The
Republican Party of Texas, 2016). The party structure also consists of one committeewoman and
one committeeman elected from each of the thirty one Senate Districts through primary ballot by
Republican Party voters in Texas. In addition, the structure of the Republican Party of Texas
consists of Ex Officio members within the State Executive Committee including the National
Committeewoman, National Committeeman, Auxiliary Representatives and Party Officers (The
Republican Party of Texas, 2016).
Compared to the Party Plan of the Republican Party of Virginia, the website of the
Republican Party of Texas contains the legal document governing the party including not only
the rules but also the bylaws. The party chooses its state officers through State Conventions
where delegates representing counties participate in the elections (The Republican Party of
Texas, 2016). The local organization of the Republican Party of Texas is majorly at the county
and precinct levels where the structure consists of Precinct Chairmen, who are elected through
primary ballot and County Chairmen, who are also elected through primary ballot and may be
obliged to appoint County Vice Chairmen, as well as County Executive Committee comprising
of the Precinct Chairman and County Chairman (The Republican Party of Texas, 2016).
For an interested person to become local party committee member for the Republican
Party in Texas, he/she must be a registered voter and offer his/her candidature during Republican
Primaries where party voters elect their county chairmen and precinct chairmen who

subsequently constituted the local party committee (The Republican Party of Texas, 2016). The
other information contained in the website concerns the party officers, election
information/primary process, candidate resource, communication from state party chairman as
well as information on various political party conventions (The Republican Party of Texas,



The Republican Party of Texas (2016). Party Structure.

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