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Starbucks Corporation and Employees and Customer Satisfaction

Starbucks Corporation and Employees and Customer Satisfaction

You will prepare a project proposal to submit to your instructor. The goal is to provide your instructor with
enough information so that he/she can review your project to determine if it will meet the requirement for
the capstone course. The proposal should be 500 or more words.

  1. Identify the type of project you plan to do – company research project or business plan.

***I want to do a company research project.

  1. Identify the company for the research project or the type of business for the business plan.
  2. Discuss in 2-3 paragraphs (250 words) why you chose the company research project or the business
    plan. You can also talk about why you chose a particular company or type of business.
  3. What do you hope to learn from this project?
    Submit the project proposal to your instructor as directed.

Starbucks Corporation and Employees and Customer Satisfaction
This paper provides a research project about Starbucks Corporation. The main research will
focus on customer satisfaction and how the company runs its operations including managers and
employees within. Starbucks is one of the leading and most successful businesses in the
Specialty Eateries Industry. I want to do company research on how Starbucks satisfies its
customers and the human resource aspect of running company operations as well as including the
employers, leadership and management aspect of the company (Devia, Aisjah & Puspaningrum,
2018). This project will critically evaluate the measures and strategies used by Starbucks
Corporation in order to satisfy its customers and ensure that employees and managers are
motivated to achieve the goals and objectives of the company.

Starbucks Corporation is a marketer, inventor, and retailer of premium specialty coffee
globally and operates in over 60 countries worldwide. Besides, the company is the largest global
coffee corporation based in Seattle, Washington from 1971. The company sells items such as
drip-brewed coffee, hot and cold drinks, and various fast moving consumer goods such as
snacks, espresso-based hot drinks, and pastries. According to SWOT analysis of Starbucks, the
company should work in improving customer satisfaction through prices and advertising a
positive philosophy of the company. This is because consumers consider the best aspects of
Starbucks coffee to be the taste and the worst aspect of the company is the price. Taste and prices
is an excellent aspect to be associated with because it enhances customer satisfaction and
improved performance.
The reasons for choosing Starbucks Corporation is its diversity and in the workplace. The
project will aim to establish how diversity has helped the company to achieve customer
satisfaction and improved performance through employee and manager motivation. Identifying
this information is good for the company because it re-affirms that the company makes good
coffee at affordable prices. It also increases customer satisfaction levels and loyalty. Besides,
other customers choose other companies because of prices, and it is important to note that they
still have a significant amount of people who do not shop with them. The other reason for
selecting Starbucks is that the information will help in identifying the main weaknesses of the
company as well as identifying moral dislike of the company (Kim & Shim, 2017).
Many customers take employees and management as the main assets of any business
organization. The information identified in this research project will help Starbucks to establish
strategies that will ensure customer satisfaction and improve employees’ motivation and
performances. The findings will help the company to focus on the main aspects of the business

that will lead to business satisfaction through the following requirements and demands of
customers. Besides, the company will be able to design its next move in the market and
strategize in building and sustaining competitive advantage for the company. This project will be
geared at establishing the main strategies that Starbucks uses to ensure customer satisfaction and
the motivation strategies that the management will use in order to ensure employees are
motivated and perform effectively. This information will provide a SWOT analysis of the
company that will inform the management to reinvent new ideas and strategizes for maximizing
market opportunities and creating a competitive advantage that will ensure the long-term success
of the company (Kim & Shim, 2017).
In this project research, I will be able to increase my knowledge and contribute to the
corporate business as well as develop skills and interests in the corporate world. Therefore, I will
be able to explore new and appropriate strategies for distributing and advertising Starbucks’
products. I will be able to learn how companies can motivate employees and provide resources to
managers for the effective and efficient achievement of company goals and objectives. This
enhances brand recognition, customer satisfaction, and improved loyalty.



Devia, A. N., Aisjah, S., & Puspaningrum, A. (2018). THE INFLUENCE OF BRAND
MALANG. Management and Economics Journal (MEC-J), (1), 185-196.
Kim, H. S., & Shim, J. H. (2017). The Effects of Service Qualities on Customer Satisfaction and
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