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Staffing Expenditure

Staffing Expenditure

The staff’s budget major objective is to plan and implement the funding and payment of the
staffs remuneration and compensation payments and refunds (Warren, Reeve and Fess, 2005).
Most of the compensation range from payments of salaries and allowances to research work
funding and pension compensations for retirees (Hilton, 2005).
The Alamo Colleges Budget for the year 2015 amounted to US $317,111,947 while the total
staffing expenditure for the same period amounted to US $21,758,637. This staffing expenditure
represented about 7% of the total annual budget. However, other compensations and refunds
have not been accounted for. The pension scheme or the Retirement incentive program that has
been proposed is expected to cost about US $6,000,000 (Alamo Community College District,
These scheme targets to reduce the number of staff by offering retirement incentives to reduce
the number of staffs in particular sections especially areas where technology can be able to
achieve or influence cost reductions. Technology has led to increased efficiencies and
consequently reduced the need for high labour requirements. Through cost savings on the

Staffing Expenditure
reduced number of staffs, the community intends to save up to $6 million dollars in the next
thirteen months (Alamo Community College District, 2014).
The challenges that the community may face is the initial funds to roll off the program as once
the program has started, it will automatically be able to sustain the payments as the amounts of
savings on salaries for those employees who have retired will be utilized to compensate the
preceding group that is heading for retirement. The college can utilize the savings or the surplus
amounts from the previous budget to roll of the program.
Alamo Community College District (2014) Fiscal Year 2014-2015 Annual Budget, Texas:
Alamo colleges.

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