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SSP: Brookside Dairy Company

SSP: Brookside Dairy Company

Instructions this is an ongoing assignment with different parts. The first assignment that I had Custom phd

thesis completed chose the company: Brookside Dairy Company.

now this assignment(below) will be researched / answer based on the same selected company that I

choose to do my SSP on which again is Brookside Dairy Company!.

Please see below Assignment 1 completed by custom phd thesis weeks ago.

Value Chain Analysis ( Assignment 1)

Brookside Dairy Company is an organization that is concerned with the processing of raw milk into
various end products that include pasteurized milk, yoghurt, fermented milk, butter and cheese among
others. This company operates in the Kenyan dairy industry and happens to be one of the well-
established milk companies in that country. The Kenyan dairy industry comprises small and large
organizations. Some of these companies include KCC (Kenya Corporative Cremearis), Tuzo and Fresha
among others (Kavoi et al., 2013). Most of Brookside�s suppliers come from the rural areas from which

they delivere milk to collection stations. This milk is then collected by the company�s trucks and taken to
the firm for processing. Milk processing involves several stages that well-coordinated to yield the final

product. These stages form the value chain.

Brookside Dairy Company

Brookside Dairy Company Limited has since the beginning been the leading East Africa
dairy company. Its operations are fully fledged in Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda. It has the
largest network of farmers, collection of milk, and the capacity for milk storage in east Africa. It
is known to be the leading producer for milk and dairy products. Currently, it produces fresh
milk, yoghurt, long life milk, butter, and ghee (Valentino, 2012).
Potential Impact of System Thinking

The potential benefits of applying systems thinking to this organization is that it helps
one to see how things work and thus enables one to identify anything that is of value or of waste
in the service or product delivery resulting to a better service and reduced costs. On the other
hand, the potential drawbacks of applying systems thinking to this organization are that, it may

be applied where the original problem statement was quite useful and thus affecting the
organizations functions (Ing, 2013).
Others may use it as a flavor but instead, they end up replacing the best flavor. This are
the times when system thinking is not really mandatory to the organization because it may end
up affecting its structure for no good reason. It is only advisable in cases where the organization
is not really functioning as required so it may be applied to solve its problem. Once we know the
importance of the systems and the system thinking, it is good to ask ourselves questions like:
“Which specific part of the system do I need to first attend to?” or “How relevant is this system
to the dairy production?” This will probably help in the systems thinking decision-making.


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