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Spiritual Assessment

Spiritual Assessment
The Pastoral Counselor�s Identity and Ethics learning activity is experimental rather than authoritative
in nature. In other words, you must develop this paper with the assumption that any future application will
be the result of a collaborative effort (e.g., organization�s leadership). Professional or vocational identity

and ethical boundaries are developed and maintained through meaningful connection with others
Spiritual disciplines

Spiritual disciplines form a natural component of the Christian life. In fact, nearly
nothing of any importance in Christian lives can be achieved without it. Spiritual disciplines can
be illustrated as deeds that enhance spiritual growth and allow people to grow to spiritual
maturity. Moreover, the course of spiritual growth and development commence the moment an
individual meets the risen Christ and draw closer to Him for salvation. Spiritual disciplines play
a significant role in the growth of an individual inner being, which has been altered by Christ at
salvation. In addition, redeemed believers have experienced the full regeneration of their entire


person from within, concerning variation in notion, feeling, and disposition that might be
unhurried to manifest in their external deeds (Daniel, 2015).
There are several spiritual disciplines that individuals apply and have shown immense
capability in changing their lives. The common spiritual disciplines applied by individuals
include prayer, fasting, scripture reading, worship, and service. Since I received salvation and
decided to devote my life to Christ, I have been applying various spiritual disciplines in my daily
life to assist in my personal development. The first spiritual discipline that I employ involves the
Word of God and comprises the reading, study, memorization, and meditation of scripture. These
spiritual disciplines have played a noteworthy role in my personal development, and as Daniel
notes if these spiritual disciplines are ignored, there is no other effort to control ourselves that
will be successful because we merely do not possess the power to prevail over the opposition of
the sin nature in which our new natures dwell. In addition, we do not have the power to triumph
over the resistance of demonic pressures whose plan is constantly to disconnect us from the
single source of spiritual growth, the Word of God. Scripture memorization has also been an
essential component in my spiritual life. I usually do scripture memorization twice a week,
especially during the evening before I go to sleep. Daniel argues that individuals have been
offered the free will to select what they want to put in their minds, thereby making scripture
memorization important in human lives. Moreover, since Christians believe that the Bible is the
Word of God they are called upon to memorize it as it facilitates Christians to keep it always in
the front of their minds, which makes it possible for them to react to all life situations according
to its teachings (Daniel, 2015).


The other spiritual disciplines that I have applied in my life include prayer and fasting.
Daniel proposes that prayer has the ability to transform people’s viewpoint and further adjust
what they look from others. Moreover, prayer changes how people react to predicaments. Prayer
is a great source of spiritual growth for me and I usually pray in the morning when I wake up and
in the evening before I sleep. Conversely, whenever I want to attain a larger spiritual objective I
fast. Since it is possible to fast from pleasures, such as social media or any other activities that
convey fulfillment and happiness, I desire to focus my fasting from food, and I fast mostly two
or three days (Daniel, 2015).
Common temptations
The major challenge of being a Christian is the temptations we face each day, but
resisting temptation is the essential component of every Christian’s life. Christian temptations
differ in various aspects, however they can be tempted, and stand firm. Personally as a Christian,
I often face temptations on a regular basis, but refusing to accept the temptation is what allows
me to succeed and grow spiritually. In spite of standing firm, I often face temptations that tend to
have an influence on my spiritual life. The temptations that I commonly face include overuse of
electronic and social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, video games, and television. This is the
temptation I face on regular basis and find it not easy to oppose, but since Christians posses the
internal strength to counter temptations if they turn to God, this always constitute part of my
appeal when I am praying to God (Presbyterian Mission Agency, 2012).
Blind spots and weaknesses


Everyone has blind spots in their discernment that keep them from seeing the certainty
about others and themselves. Since people are at times blinded to truth, they are powerless and
crippled by blame and disgrace, rage and bitterness, and fear and worry. Several people live
unnecessarily in defeat, powerless to their own faults or the faults of others. Moreover, they
stagger around in life with blind spots blocking the work God wants to do in them. Nevertheless,
it should not be this way since regardless of how broken or upset, each person can find out the
way to healing, optimism, and a pleasant new way of living. On the other hand, people always
feel they have a weakness that affects their capacity to do bigger things. In fact, in the Bible,
Paul felt similar way; however, he utilized his weakness to have great impacts on other people
(Arterburn, 2015).

As a devoted Christian I try very hard to live a life that is in line with the Christ
teachings, however I have identified some blind spots and weakness that drags me back. The
stubborn resistance is the blind spots that have an influence on my spiritual life. Arterburn argues
that stubborn resistance is when people develop practices and inhibitions that they do not
consider of letting go. People often hurt themselves and those around them, thus allowing things
to worsen in almost every area of their lives. Furthermore, rather than searching for ways to get
rid of these blind spots, people refute that they have a problem. Nevertheless, in my case I have
discovered that willingness is essential in overcoming stubborn resistance, although it is not very
easy to overcome the blind spot in a moment or a day, but the realization that I have a problem is


a greater step towards conquering the blind spot. Conversely, I have recognized that there are
weaknesses that have an immense effect on my Christian life. Blame shifting tends to have an
influence on how I react when things do not occur as I have anticipated, especially things done in
a group. Morally, everyone has a weakness, but it is when we accept where the weaknesses are
that we are more likely to prevail over them. Therefore, in my case since I have understood in
which circumstances that I am more likely to shift the blame, then I will be more watchful and
ask for God’s assistance, when I find myself in that situation (Arterburn, 2015).


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