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Social Work and Christianity

Social Work and Christianity

Social Work and Christianity is a publication from the Catholic Church that provides the guide
lines of the catholic social work, its values and ethics. It’s complimentary to the National
Association of Social Work Code of Ethics. (NASW) It provides the foundation of the core
competence of the Catholic Church regarding its social work networks and the employees who
work under the programs.
Social work and Christianity lays the foundation of the Catholic Church regarding the work
ethics of its faith as per the doctrines of the Catholic Church. The publication provides the nature
of the work involved and its relevance to the Catholic Church in relation to its adherents. It
reflects the connection and the importance of the code of ethics to its success in its operations
and the charity work that Church is involved in. The tenets of the Catholic Church are Social
Justice, Social work training and Teaching and the propagation of the Church’s believes and
The major aim of the NASW code of Ethics is generally to enhance well-being of all human
beings who are in need to meet their basic human needs and to empower the vulnerable, the

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oppressed and those living in extreme poverty. (National Association of Social Work, 2008) The
Social work and Christianity code of ethics espouses the adherence to its main objective i.e. to
educate morally upright and responsible leaders while engaging them to be leaders of the church.
Its code of ethics puts more emphasis on faith and reason, spirit of hope and communal
sacramental sharing. Other codes of ethics are priority to the poor in the society, solidarity, peace
and stewardship. (Trainor, 2006)
The Social work and Christianity publication reflects how the code of ethics can influence
positive contribution and promote equality and fairness in the society. The code of ethics
encourages high standards of quality work and defines the job expectations of each employee.
The Social work and Christianity catholic journal helps in analyzing the importance of the code
of ethics towards the success of the company. Socially, the code of ethics assists in building
healthy relationships for example the Catholic Church recognizes that each brother or sister is a
keeper of his fellow brother or sister. (National Association of Social Work, 2008) The code of
ethics of the Catholic publication seeks to create a united world that is full of harmony bereft of
ratio, ideological or ethnic differences. The social workers who are governed by the code of
ethics engage their fellow work mates in a much friendlier manner and promote good
relationships among all members of the society.
To conclude, the code of ethics in any organization seeks to establish that every human being is
entitled to fair treatment and has a right and an overall responsibility to fully participate in social
activities for the societies common good. All human beings have fundamental rights to decent
housing and good living standards. The code of ethics promotes staff welfare and equal treatment
of all employees. The Social work and Christianity journal brings into attention the importance

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of code of ethics to any organization. It promotes a sound working relationship and harmony
among the social workers. The code of ethics contributes positively to the success of the
organization and the achievement of the projected goals and objectives.

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