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Soccer/Football FIFA World Cup Brazil

Soccer/Football FIFA World Cup Brazil

this presentation will be as a group 4 people and every one will need to choose one events and my event is 2014 Jun 12-Jul 13 Soccer/Football FIFA World Cup Brazil

and I need you to do PowerPoint slides of 3 slides and after that to write presentation Transcript about 250 no more than that please and 2 reference lists also to answer that questions which they say it under the table it is that one

Assume that you are consultants who have been tasked with reviewing how the events that you have chosen communicate with both the general public, and also businesses through their corporate functions:
1. Complete a comparison of how the events communicate with their public and corporate audiences/stakeholders. Your presentation will need to compare and contrast the audiences�/stakeholders� communication interests and requirements (for example, employees, customers, shareholders, stakeholders etc).
2. The strengths and weaknesses of each events current communication processes (think about, for example, the use of; social media use as well as traditional communication frameworks, such as, Annual General Meetings, advertising, email and internal notifications. In effect everything that these events uses to communicate).
3. Using the research that you have undertaken make (at least 2) recommendations for each event reviewed as to how their communication with the public and/or corporate audiences might be improved.
Upon completion of the presentation dedicate a single slide to highlighting what you have learned as a team through completion of this assignment (a maximum of 5 key learning points). Also, suggest an agreed upon grade for the team performance out of 10 (1 being very poor and 10 being faultless and excellent). This is not for the presentation itself, but your work prior to the presentation.

Soccer/Football FIFA World Cup Brazil

Communication in business is very important as it enhances understanding at the same time it persuades. In the 2014 Jun 12-Jul 13 event in Brazil, communication to various stakeholders is key. The stakeholders include the members of the public, corporate audiences, employees, customers and shareholders among others (BBC, 2014). The event will include a football match between Brazil and Croatia and Mexico and Cameron. The communication interest and requirements of these audiences vary. Members of public who consists of the customers require information about the location, the fees, and the time the matches will be played. Corporate audiences want information on the dates, the amount to pay and the expected number of audience or statistics of the people that will watch the matches. For both stakeholders, the communication should be clear and tailored to their needs and interests.

Various media are used to communicate the events to the various stakeholders. These media have weaknesses as well as strength. The use of social media to communicate about the events allows many people to get the message as many people across the word use social media (Conti, 2014). The weakness is that it may not be able to reach all the people especially in areas where people have not embraced technology. Use of traditional media such as direct advertisements of television and radio reaches wider areas but its s a both costly.

Communication can therefore be improved by focusing on the target audience. The channels used should be multiple to reach wide people. The messages should be clearly and precise to enhance understanding.


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