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Small-Scale Project Subject

For this paper the writer will have to pay close attention to all details of the assignment as it will be a
continues assignment which will carry forward for 8 weeks. The details of the assignment will be send
via email for the remainder of the 7 weeks. It is important that the writer try to stay consistent in all
sections of the papers as the revolve.

Selecting Your Small-Scale Project Subject

Throughout the 8 weeks of this course (in separate but interrelated assignments), you will complete a
small-scale research project by conducting a qualitative interview study. This project will give you first-
hand experience with conducting qualitative research and, if performed appropriately, could also
contribute to your own doctoral study.

For this Assignment:
� Select two or more interviewees and a topic for your small-scale qualitative project. You are free to
choose the topic for your interview. Consider choosing a topic related to your proposed doctoral
study, because the course exercises may assist you to move forward with your own doctoral study.
Bear in mind that this interview project will also be the basis for subsequent assignments in this
In two paragraphs, summarize the process by which you selected your topic and your interviewees,
and provide a brief rationale for why you have chosen this topic and detailed information identifying
why interviewees are appropriate (2 participants or more).

Doctoral Studies


Doctoral Studies

The doctoral study I chose to research on is The Effects of Human Resource
Management (HRM) Practices on Employee Performance. The process I used in selecting
this topic is mainly qualitative. The issue is important to my doctoral studies since my career
path majorly encompass management career path. It is the career path development process
that makes me chose this topic to get information about how HRM practices can perfect
employee productivity (Doody & Noonan, 2013, p 28). My ideal job will be to start my own
business: be a manager of my own business. Thus, the topic will be indispensable in helping
me move forward with my doctoral studies. The topic has passed preliminary testing whereby
I have tried to ask students and lectures on the same topic.
To investigate the topic, I will use qualitative research (interview) to execute it. Eight
interviewees will be interrogated in the interview. Three of the respondents will be
managers/CEO (chief executive officers) of any companies and five employees (Doody &


Noonan, 2013, p.31). The sample of the eight participants will be randomly selected from the
various enterprises in the region. The importance of selecting the three CEOs is that I will be
able to consolidate information about how HRM practices ease the operations and duties of
the top management. Furthermore, having the five employees in the sample will establish the
consequent implications of HRM practices on the performance of workers (Doody &
Noonan, 2013, p.32). Altogether, I will be able to establish the relationship between
employers and employees as far as HRM practices are concerned. The responses from both
parties will be used to test the hypothesis regarding the respective topic.


Doody, O., & Noonan, M. (2013). Preparing And Conducting Interview. Nurse Researcher,
20(5), pp.28-32.

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