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Skill Analysis

Skill Analysis

It is important to establish a portfolio theme and skills that will direct you to
achieve specific teaching goals. The desire of every tutor is to ensure that his or her audience
understands the content and the objectives of the study. Providing employees with healthy eating
programs is not an easy task for any given manager. Besides providing a healthy working
environment, managers must provide employees with healthy eating programs that will ensure
improved production and profitability of the workforce. A healthy nutritional program not only
improves personal health and physical activities but also creates a competitive advantage for
business organizations. This skill analysis provides deep evaluation of a nutrition lesson and
accomplishment of the program of accounting business organization (Mesquita, 2015).
I am currently working as an accountant for a business organization, and I have
discovered that business organizations provide a safe and healthy workplace. However, it is
evident that organizations forget to essentially encourage healthy lifestyles among the
employees. Therefore, a business organization should provide healthy eating programs to
employees in order for them to remain strategically competitive. This is because healthy eating
programs bring employees together to learn how to improve their health in both at home and at
work. Therefore, my mastery in a nutrition program for employees compelled me to provide a
media presentation to encourage them to engage actively in health programs to prevent serious
health problems. Improved nutrition should be provided and made available to employees to
remain productive. Thus, a nutrition skill helped me to present information to employees on the
benefits of healthy eating habits that promote their working morale and improves physical
activities (Ayres, 2014).

My requisite skill in presenting the healthy nutrition program to business
organization employees is the deeper understanding of the health topic and proficient media
presentation skills. Besides, in order to ensure mastery of the content, the design of the
presentation and training was precisely aligned with the lesson objectives and issuing random
assessment questions and tests to students. In addition, to enhance coaching and training, it is
important to promote diversity of different cultural background. Therefore, the presentation was
the lesson should be set in different cultural diversity based on gender, race, and sexual
orientation of employees. This enhances positive interaction and teamwork for the students and
ensures that discussion and provides positive outcomes. It is also important to provide learning
stations that ensure that the teacher provides different types of concepts of the topic and ensures
a rotation of students in order to grasp wide information under the topic of study. One important
training aspect was the introduction of task cards to empower employees during the study to
grasp a wide range of content during the presentation. Task cards also encouraged employees to
work as a group to solve problems of human anatomy and its functions. The pairing of
employees and use of task cards promote active participation and enhances discussion of
resources and finding of group work (Romanelli, 2009).

Furthermore, to ensure effective and lively involvement of participants, it is
important to incorporate technology such as a projector to provide an electronic human anatomy
of both health and unhealthy worker. Technology not only provides visual presentation but also
provides a visual presentation of topic objectives as well as providing examples of possible
questions for assessing the nutrition program for employees. Direction instruction strategies
should be effectively used in order to enhance on principles and concepts of the topic. This is
important as it ensures that students efficiently equip themselves with problem-solving, research

and analysis skills. Moreover, it opens new concepts and equips employees with strategies to
evaluate and analyze their nutritional content of different food labels. Direct instruction strategy
is important for helping the instructor to understand the profile of the students for better aligned
of teaching materials and objectives. Thus, it creates an efficient flow of information and direct
communication with learners as well as promoting personal development and understanding
critical areas to pay more concentration.

On the hand, the study involves indirect instruction strategy that allows students
to develop an understanding of concepts under minimal supervision from the tutor. The
presentation involves advanced organizers’ strategy to provide learners with visual information
of the lesson in order to organize and process information. The presentation provided self-
evaluation to assess employee performance as well as identify their weaknesses and strengths.
Self-evaluation allows employees to think out loud and promote self-assessment and use of task
cards. This helped to equip employees with skills to solve problems in the absence of the teacher.
Media presentation has helped me to promote my communication skills, and my general
understanding of people. Besides, media presentation has helped me to have clear, engaging, and
memorable presentations for the audience. In addition, it has helped my presentation and
teaching skills. I have also learned and gained valuable resources to improve my future
presentation skills (Terry, 2017).

I plan to use different techniques and ideas in the future in order to promote my
presentation and teaching skills. I will learn my emotional skills in order to promote my
assertiveness and empathy. I will also improve my independence and strong problem-solving
skills as well as improve my flexibility and self-awareness through efficient use of technology. I
will also design an emotional model to integrate it effectively with my teaching and presentation

skills. I will also learn cultural diversity in order to appreciate the culture and promote
productivity and focus on efforts that will address critical and pervasive issues concerning race,
gender, age, and ethnicity.



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