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Silk Road

Silk Road

You are a European explorer living in the fifteenth century. Think about what that means for empires that
are in decline as well as the emergence of ambitious rising powers that aspire to profit from the Silk Road.
This situation presents you with an opportunity to amass a fortune, assuming you know enough about the
geographic, economic, social, religious and political realities of your times that you can translate this
dream into reality. How you go about that task depends on you, your bravery, and your cunning.

For the elites of fifteenth-century Western Europe, the task is a daunting one: they must reopen the Silk
Road at all costs. But who is going to sell a feasible plan to potential investors? The Crusades, though far
from over, have tapered off, having sustained heavy recent losses. The papacy is preoccupied with
scandal and schism. Circumnavigating the horn of Africa to reach the Indian Ocean is possible, but it is
costly, and the journey is a long and arduous one. Simply put, there must be a shorter, faster way to get
to Asia.

Your job is to write a proposal to a powerful individual or a group of wealthy investors willing to advance
vast sums of money to fund your expedition. While your first thoughts may turn to approaching a
nobleman or noblewoman, keep in mind that the rise of Venice and other commercial city-states
throughout Europe have witnessed the rise of great banking houses and with them, fabulously rich
merchant bankers. Whom will you seek as your sponsor? How will you convince your sponsor that your
plan will reap profits?

When formulating your proposal, make sure you consider the following questions
What will your efforts bring them as rewards?
Once you secure financing, what shipwrights and shipyards do you plan to visit?
Who in Europe at this time makes the best, most accurate maps?
How you recruit your crew?

What �prize� will you offer them (e.g., spiritual reward, gold, and/or glory)?
When do you plan to set sail?
Will part of your journey be over land?
Have you secured permission to enter certain realms?
Silk Road

Silk Road is the major route that connects west and east continent of Asia from India and
China to Mediterranean Sea and the horn of Africa. Informing the investors and merchant banks
on the importance and the economic value of investing in the Silk Road will enable them to
invest willingly on the road. A large percentage of the income, irrespective of the quantity is
being given to investors in return for their investment (Lawrence, 2014).
The shipwrights and shipyards to visit during the 15 th is Byzantine shipbuilding located in
Italy at Venice. It is because it was having the direct control of the whole industry of
shipbuilding in Crete. It was also preventing the construction and repair of the of the war gallery
thus making the state of wood monopoly. Their ships are more powerful and powered by oar, sail
or both. The best vessel navigators are being recruited from Rome where they work on Roman or
classic vessels. Involving this company helps to assure the safety of travel and navigation
through the water bodies since they are the most powerful in the 15 th century.
The most advanced map makers during the 15 th century were from Switzerland. The
geographers from Switzerland including Sebastian Munster are to be among the team that will
prepare the route maps since he has been able to publish his Geographia, which is the world
standard for the maps. The routes that are being followed include passing through water bodies
and dry land that include arid and semi-arid land. Since China was the most powerful nation that

was participating in the silk trade, their permission would ensure for the guarantee of safety from
conquer of other nation. The plan is set to start as soon as all the required facilities and crew are
available and ready.



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