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Shinto traditions practiced today

Shinto traditions practiced today

Access the Shinto Art Creator tool.
Write a 350- to 700-word summary of Shinto practices that still exist today.
Create an illustration representative of the Shinto religion, based on the beliefs of openness, use of
nature, and deliberate simplicity. Be prepared to discuss.
Format your paper and any additional materials consistent with APA guidelines.
Shinto Traditions Practiced Today

The term ‘Shinto’ refers to the polytheistic religion that is practiced in Japan. Scholars believe
that this religion originated in Japan because historical records show that it has no external
origins from outside the country. It has however been influenced by the country’s neighbors such
as China and Korea. Today the religion is practiced through rituals as well as a series of attitudes
held by the believers. These include openness, deliberate simplicity and the use of nature.
Openness in the Shinto religion is used as a means of encouraging the believers to welcome
those considered to be outsiders. What this does is to allow the believers to go on a journey of
self-discovery through experiences of what is unknown to them. This mostly refers to a new
culture or way of doing things. Shinto followers therefore seek diverse experiences that then
contribute to the shaping of their personalities. As such there are a large number of Japanese who
participate in the different sub-cultures that are in existence today.
Simplicity is another highly valued feature of Shinto Religion. Unlike other faiths that have
complex structures, Shintoism is based on a series of principles whose interpretation is highly
subjective. What this means is that its believers practice the faith based on their immediate
circumstances. The Japanese who practice this do not have a particular religious text that they
use for guidance.
The worship of different elements that exist in nature due to the belief that they need to be one
with the world. The reason for worshipping things in their natural world is for them to be able to

connect with the world around them. This at times includes taking up a cause such as protecting
the environment as a means of strengthening this bond (Molloy, 2013).

Molloy, M. (2013). Experiencing the world’s religions: Tradition, challenge and change (6th
ed.). New York, NY: McGraw-Hill

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