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Service Marketing

2 page assessment due for discussion: Select a service industry from theme parks, banks, and airlines.
What types of market research would you use to explore customers perceptions of the service and why?

Service Marketing

Competition in service industry has gained momentum over the years a situation that has
prompted many service industries to adopt appropriate strategies to have a competitive edge. In
this wave of competition, it has also become prudent to conduct a market research to understand

the perception of customers about services they offer (Skalen, 2009). The paper therefore,
deliberates on the types of market research to employ to explore customer perceptions of the
services the bank offers and reasons of selecting these kinds of market research.

The two type of market survey appropriate for the bank is secondary and primary
research. Secondary research enables the company to analyze information already gathered for
other purpose (Bradley, 2010). The bank provides a range of services such as money transfers,
deposits, withdrawal, and loan facilities among many others. The bank can use information from
other agencies such as Consumers watchdog bodies to get data on the level of income of the
customers and the use of bank facilities among the customers to understand the dynamics in the
banking industry. This information is very important as it allows the bank to find insights on the
customer trends and the general market conditions. For instance, the bank can have an insight on
how customers perceive their services in relation to other related services provided by other
agencies or institutions.

Primary research is the most recommended type of research that the bank can use to gain
a deeper understanding about the perception of customers on the service they provide (Bradley,
2010). Primary research is the gathering of new information/data to meet specific needs
(Bradley, 2010). The bank can use either qualitative or quantitative design in evaluating the
perception of customers. Quantitative allows collection of numerical information that is analyzed
statistically through surveys. Using surveys is cost effective method (Duguleană & Nicolae,
2013). It takes less time to complete as excellent information is gathered if the questions are
constructed well.

Qualitative research as well is appropriate method to collect descriptive information. The
bank can use open-ended interviews and focus groups to gather this information about customer
perception (Bradley, 2010). Using open-ended questions will allow the bank to collect a lot of
information on the perception of customers. The bank can gain insights on what the target
customers think about the service they provide hence enable them to make adjustments to attract
them. Through open-ended interviews, the bank as well can know the trends, likes, dislikes, and
emotional motivators of the target customers (Skalen, 2009). Focus groups on the other hand
include interviewing people in small groups of betweens six to 12 people. These sessions may
last up to four hours. Even though they may be expensive form of market research because they
require trained professionals, they provide valuable information on the perception of the services
that the bank may be providing.

Using the above methods will require the bank to reach to its customers in various
branches and present the questions. The bank should adopt the methods that is appropriate and
which they are able to meet the costs. The other consideration when using the method is the
urgency or the time it would take to complete the research among many other reasons.
Whichever the method selected, the bank will be in a position to understand the perception of its
customers towards its services. This will enable the bank to adopt suitable strategies to ensure
that it remains competitive in the market.

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