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Sales training for Expansion and Growth

Sales training for Expansion and Growth

Determine if Southwest’s method of training is an effective way to conduct training.
Support your position. Provide one recommendation for improvement.
Compare the following training methods: presentations, case studies, simulations, and
discussions. Determine which training method you believe to be the most effective and

explain why.

Sales training involves personal sales promotional strategy which is a function that
involves informing, persuading or influencing the decisions of the customer. Its major objective
is to develop and promote a products primary demand. Different companies have varied
promotional strategies. Some use these strategies to expand in their different markets while
others use them to reach selected and particular markets. Most promotional strategies goals are to
provide the basic necessary information about the product and to differentiate in order to increase
its sales, its value and to stabilize its overall market. (Blythe, 2008) The participants need to be
taught on this aspect of sales strategy
The other aspect involves training on product positioning which involves the development of
brands as the images of the company’s products or services. The combination of all the required
elements of marketing mix is needed to achieve the required strategy. Positioning explains the
uniqueness of the products in the market place and also its advantages against the other apparel
fashion companies. Branding is a tool that is often utilized to position the product by designing
its image and the marketing used on the posters. For any communication to be effective, the
customers must form a picture mentally about the perception of the product which eventually

Sales training for Expansion and Growth 2
influences the price they are willingly or a ready to pay for the product. Brand equity occurs
where customers are willing to pay much more for a product because of its position.
The other training skills required will involve the development of the products advertising
message which can be undertaken after the successful positioning of the potential customers and
the requirements of the target group. Distinctive, creative and well branded advertising strategies
are created and developed to attain impressive results that ensure successful marketing and
promotional strategy. To make the product more appealing to the customers or the target groups,
the participants should engage the services of professional adverts designers who can tailor the
adverts according to their needs. (Blythe, 2008)
This process, known as market segmentation divides the market into groups which are very
distinct from each other. One part of the training will involve training on products that target the
celebrity class with such messages referring to good life, endless entertainment and fashion.
While in other training will target the general public.
The importance of market segmentation is that it increases the efficiency in marketing operations
by narrowing the market specifically toward a designated and defined segment in a way that is
consistent with the characteristics of the segment. Market segmentation leads to product
differentiation from each segment while tangibly or intangibly differentiating it from the rival
products from the competitors. (Smith & Taylor, 2004)
The choice of a promotional mix is directly related to the selection of the promotional
strategy the company will adopt to promote its products or service. There are two strategies
available to the marketer. i.e. pushing strategy or the pulling strategy. The pushing strategy is an

Sales training for Expansion and Growth 3
approach that’s sales oriented. The product or service is marketed wholesalers and the retailers in
the marketing process or channels. (Kotler & Armstrong, 2010)
Sales promotion training involves training on increasing sales other than advertising,
personal selling or public relations through one time or occasional selling. Initially sales
promotion was a supplement to a company’s sales efforts or advertising process, but it has
become part of the promotional mix for most firms. The sales team can offer special discounts
and promotional branded materials like T-shirts, hand bags, caps and other attractive gifts to
celebrities to increase their sales. These items are usually trendy and well designed to attract
potential consumers.
To conclude, the training should concentrate on making the participants acquire the
skills necessary to create a strong demand that will pull a company’s product by compelling the
marketing intermediaries to accommodate it through the marketing channels. In most cases
strategies depend on the products or service being promoted. The Pulling strategy is mostly used
for consumer products while other industrial products use the pushing strategy. Training is
essential in all sales strategies and the needs of a particular brand will depend entirely on the
decision and discretion of the sales team leader.

Sales training for Expansion and Growth 4

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