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Sage colleges of Doctor of physical therapy

Sage colleges of Doctor of physical therapy

Reasons why I have chosen to apply to The Sage Colleges

One of the reasons that has influenced me to choose this institution is that it has good
brand name of preparing physical therapists to become autonomous and exemplary practitioners.
This makes me believe and hope that the institution will nurture me to becoming a competent
practitioner in the future. Secondly, I have chosen The Sage Colleges because it is enriched by an
intellectual community that is dedicated to offering liberal, professional, and specialized
programs of study. As such, I have chosen this institution because I strongly believe that the
institution will provide me with evidence-based practice that is not only sensitive to individual
differences, but also committed to promoting my lifelong learning and clinical excellence.
Specific opportunities within the College and Upstate New York
One of the opportunities that I will enjoy after joining the college and Upstate New York
is the institution’s vibrant community that hosts students from diverse demographic
backgrounds. Secondly, the institution’s student physical therapy club enables students to
actively participate in pre-professional and professional stages of the program. This will improve
my learning process as a student. The Upstate NY offers rich recreational and cultural activities.
As such, once I join this college, I will be able to interact with students from different cultural
backgrounds. This learning environment will equip me with diversity skills and knowledge that
are critical in my future career as a physical therapist.

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