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Roles of technology in education

Technology. This is a term that has become viewed by many educators as a double-edged sword. It
provides teachers and students with endless possibilities�but with those possibilities comes a new
set of potential issues. The world is basically at our finger-tips. There is now Wi-Fi in schools,
computer access for students, virtual classrooms, flipped classrooms, social media, just to name a


  • What new barriers do you see facing public education today in regard to access to technology?
  • In what ways is technology changing the way teachers teach?
  • Is it imperative that students be provided learning opportunities that allow for choice that is

�unbound by geography restraints?�

  • How do you incorporate technology into your classroom? If you are not currently teaching, what role

do you see technology playing in education?


Technology is encountering a myriad of challenges in the education system. The first one
deals with having a scripted curriculum. The curriculum presently in the USA was structured
along the traditional face to face teaching, and it does cripple the introduction of innovation.
The technology introduced in the education system is built on top of the curriculum and not
blended in it. The aspect has made it difficult for the technology to succeed effectively
across the educational sector (Raju, 2015).
Secondly, there is a lot of resistance exhibited by the teachers and school leaders who are
satisfied with the status quo. They find the introduction of technology as being an experiment
that is outside their job description and a threat to their jobs. Also, the teachers have not been
adequately trained on ways to fully use technology to foster the learning experience (Raju,
Despite, the challenges discussed above technology have revolutionized the education
system. The teachers can make their modules efficiently an aspect that has reduced their work
load immensely. Also, the introduction of technology has enabled the teachers to introduce
imagery and active learning activities to educations (Raju, 2015). The aspect has enabled the
students to comprehend the content instead of memorizing the content.
Technology has introduced education beyond geographical boundaries through virtual
learning. This enables students to share their knowledge and experiences in their various

educational concepts all over the world. Additionally, it does synchronize the learning
experience for students in different parts enabling them to acquire similar or enhanced
knowledge that will foster their creativity and innovation spirit (Raju, 2015).
As a teacher incorporating technology can easily start by using audio and videos to record the
class modules. They can then be provided to the students before the class on a designated
online site for the subject to enable them to listen and write short notes. Then, during the
class session, they can engage with the teacher asking questions in areas they found
challenging. The students’ can also discuss the online site to help their fellow students who
find the course challenging. The benefits are that it enhances socialization among students
and content comprehension.
In conclusion, the role of technology cannot be downplayed in the education sector as it
benefits both teachers and students as discussed. The challenges discussed in the essay will
be overcome when the policy makers understand the immense opportunities that technology
brings to the education sector.



Raju, V. (2015). Role of information technology in education sector: Scrutinizing its merits
and developments. Matter: International Journal of Science and Technology, 2(1).

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