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Rewards and performance for employees



High performance from the employees is the wish and target of any employer. This is
because the performance of the individual employees is directly related to the performance of the
organization at large (Ammons, 2015). To achieve high levels of performance from the
employees, including the managers, it is vital to understand the sources of their motivation and
reward accordingly. However, just like the article says, rewards should indeed be awarded based
on more than just pay and money for the performance of any employee to improve.
It is true, just like the article says that the three sources of motivation for most employees
include, the feeling of being relevant in the place of work, the sense of being related to the place
of work and the job and the want to grow in their careers (Alfes et al., 2013). Therefore, as
employers and management, it is important to put emphasis on the three points apart from just
using money as the motivator. However, it should not be forgotten that money is also a key
motivator, without which all the three may not work. Employees usually need to be paid well for
them to be comfortable and, therefore, be motivated to work (Buckingham & Goodall, 2015).
In conclusion, the facts presented by the author in the article are true, but money should
also be given emphasis as a primary motivating factor for good performance. Without adequate
payment, the employees may not be motivated to perform even in the presence of good work
relationship, relevance in the place of work and growth in the career (Truss et al., 2013). All the
factors are important in motivating workers to perform well and, therefore, should be adequately
considered for any organization to perform better.




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