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Resume and Cover letter

Resume and Cover letter

I am an ambitious and dedicated graduate nurse aspiring to acquire more experience, practice
and improve my professional skills to the betterment of healthcare in the nursing care industry. I
aspire to improve health care of the community through a collaborative approach to ensuring
quality care. Ethical and honest employee who is also a team player and has excellent
communication and interpersonal skills.

 Perseverance and hard work are the foremost input to triumph
 I held a leadership position or excelled in an endeavour in some way that would help me
grow better in the given responsibility.


 Bachelor of Nursing; Australian Catholic University- (Finishing in November 2015).
 Diploma in Hospitality & Management; Oxford College.

Clinical Experience
840 total clinical hours
 200 hours- Royal Melbourne hospital 2015, oncology, bone marrow Transplant,
(November, 2015).
 120 hours- John Fawkner Hospital, Peri Operative Ward (August 2015).

 160 hours- Royal Melbourne Hospital 2015, Orthopaedics Ward, (April 2015).
 120 hours- Barwon Health Mental Health, Mental Health Ward, (September 2013).
 120 hours- Edenhope Memorial Hospital, General Ward, (May 2013).
 120 hours- St. Vincent Hospital, Rehabilitation Ward, (December 2012).
Professional Skills and Attributes
 Able to reflectively listen and communicate both verbally and non-verbally with clients
in a manner that ensures confidentiality, privacy and sensitivity as established through
clinical placements.
 Skilled in conducting physical examinations, Psych and mental health care proficiency.
 Sterilization techniques, wound cleaning and care expertise, IV drug therapy

Communication and Interpersonal Skills
 Interacted with customers of different nationalities, accents and backgrounds.
 Have elevated level advanced computer skills.
 I am empathetic towards customers.
 Motivational factors and can adapt in any situation.

Analytical and Assessment
 Developed competency through clinical placements in monitoring health of individuals,
groups and communities
 Highly competent in comparing assessment findings with what is expected for the
condition and include or exclude alternative diagnoses as developed through clinical
 Proven ability to comply with relevant documentation requirements, including
maintenance of client records and discharge planning. developed through clinical
Related Work Experience

  1. Healthcare Australia 2013-present.
    Personal care worker.

 Analysed customer’s needs to provide them with appropriate products
 Provided consistently high level customer service to clients

  1. Malvern nursing agency 2014-present.
    Personal care worker.
     Analysed customer’s needs to provide them with appropriate products
     Provided consistently high level customer service to clients.


  1. Simone King
    John Fawkner Hospital
    Clinical educator
    Email: simone.king@healthscope.com.au
    Tel: 0439371533
  2. Carolyn Middleton
    Edenhope & District memorial hospital
    Tel: 03 55859800



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