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Qatar Airways

The assignment is as follows:
(1) Select a route in the Qatar Airways network

(2) Obtain revenue and cost data for the selected route (either through pax-is.com, which we used
in the course, username: IATA-itdi, password: Training2018) or through internal Qatar Airways

data sources.

(3) Calculate Key performance indicators for the route:

A. Revenue per available seat-kilometer(RASK)= Revenue/Avaialbe seat per kilometer.
B. Cost per Available Seat-Kilometer(CASK)= Cost/Avaialbe seat per kilomete

C. yield= Average far/ kilometer

D. Load factor= Revenue per kiometer(RPK)/Availabe seat per kilometer(ASK).(Note:

RPK=Revenue passenger*km)
E. market share.
F. frequency share.

G. Make calculated assumptions if data not available.
(4) Offer your suggestions to improve the route, and explain why.

You can present your results in an excel file, word document, powerpoint presentation, or any


Qatar Airways


1.Select a route in the Qatar Airways network

Qatar is an international registered airline company. It offers both passenger services and
scheduled cargo and has its presence in more than 100 destinations globally (Fojt, 2006). The
company’s mission statement is “Excellence in everything that we do” (Fojt, 2006). As such, the
airline has enacted measures that can help it achieve its mission. One of the measures is to lay
down high safety procedures that would ensure that there are enough security and protection of
the highest order. Secondly, it focuses on customers by ensuring that it provides hospitality of
the highest order and genuine services that suit each and every passenger’s needs (Publications,
2012). Apart from that, it has a strong commitment to its people, which include supporting, as
well as training its staff. The creation of cultural awareness is another important objective of the
company where it capitalizes on understanding the rich cultural diversity of its passengers (Fojt,
2006). Lastly, it strives at ensuring that it is in a good financial situation that can stimulate
aggressive growth.

The route map of Qatar Airline indicates a comprehensive structure of areas of operation.
It has more than 100 destinations that in all continents. Additionally, it offers its airline services
in regions such as South America, North and Central America, Africa, Asia, New Zealand and
Australia, and Europe (Plunkett, 2009). Briefly, it has its presence in almost every corner of the
world and its continuing to explore more routes to increase its destination choices. Nonetheless,
the route map originates from the airline’s headquarters, in Doha, Qatar. The photograph below
indicates the Qatar Airline’s route map: I have choose the south America route

PaxIS Report Per O & D for DOH to BAH for All Classes for travel in Dec12
KEY: Stop = Connection Airport
Note: passenger and revenue figures are per month and directional.
Note: all fare and revenue values are in US Dollars
Dom Al Al 1
2 Stop #1

x Pax Share
QR QR : 16 70 111
GF GF : 6 26 110
EY QR EY AUH: Abu Dhabi, AE 1 4 124
TOTAL 23 100.0 111

Per O & D Report run on Sep 21, 2019 with Parameters:
Origin DOH
Show Connections? Yes
Show pax & revenue: Per Period

Directional (one
Service Class All Classes
Data Columns to Report: Standard
Only show details > 1.0%
Month Dec12
Date Type Travel Month
Show monthly breakdown? No
Show Countries of Sale? No
type: Requested Month

Revenue Cost

Available seat per
kilometer RASK CASK

2,560 1,823 23


Average fare

Distance in
(km) Yield
115 1000 0.115006667


Revenue Kilometers RPK

2560 1000 2.56

RPK ASK Load Factor

2.56 23 0.111304348

Qatar Market
share Frequency Share
10% 4


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