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Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy – Al ALali Products

Alali Energy Potato Crisps
Al Alali Energy Potato Crisps
This product is centered on the energy and stamina giving nutritional supplements that can
refresh as well provide mild invigoration of the body in cases where it may be needed. For
instance, after heavy workout in a gymnastic exercise, training, jogging session or any other
form of body exercise. It exploits the use of Indian herbs that have been used in the Ayurvedic
Himalayan Mountains which contain over eighty five different minerals among them, is vitamin
B6, B12 and Zinc Gluconate. These minerals invigorate the body by normalizing blood pressure
and optimizing energy levels which also improve the circulation of blood and reduces the
incidences of cardiovascular diseases.
Al Alali is a product that targets to rival other energy and stamina giving food supplements
which unlike normal glucose; it intends actually to provide real supplements that have been
researched over the years and which have positive effects on muscles, eyes, skin, hands, lips and

Marketing Strategy – Al ALali Products

other body organs. Al Alali recipe will contain substantially the usual potato crisp that has been
dipped in the Ayurvedic Indian herbs and blended with different flavors like onions, masala, and
chilli among other spices. To provide a wide array of the same products other blends should be
available from bananas and other root tubers like arrow roots.
These product targets other groups of active adolescent teenagers, mild age working class society
and the old pro-exercise men and women. It’s not restricted to exercise lovers only but also other
average general population as it has no known side effects so far.

  1. Marketing Plan for Al Alali Energy Potato Crisp
    Market Communication Strategy and Segmentation
    To introduce the product into the market and convey the existence of Al Alali Energy Potato
    Crisp to the public, the basic information about the product, its contents and its strong selling
    side, Al Alali company must design, develop and implement a marketing communication
    strategy or system that will essentially include making major marketing and selling decisions that
    will establish the kind of customer the product will be selling to, how the customers can be
    contacted and the real or exact message that will be conveyed or the kind of information that
    should be conveyed. (Smith & Taylor, 2004) For example, Al Alali Energy Potato will ideally
    target several different and distinct sections, groups of potential customers depending on the
    messages, tastes and preferences of the customers. (Lemon & Mark, 2006)
    A process known as market segmentation which mostly involve the division and classification of
    the market into various groups that are very distinct and quite different from one another.

Marketing Strategy – Al ALali Products

(McDonald & Dunbar 1995) The concept of segmentation involves the classification and
division of the whole market for a particular service or product. It includes the classification into
a number of segments or other groups. It allows and facilitates the market to achieve the most in
all the available segments and also increases the average response of the product or even the
service being offered in the market which mostly results into greater earnings. (Yankelovich,
Al Alali Potato Crisps would target a variety of clients in several categories or ranks of
employment levels or positions but the targeted group is the working middle class, their children
and relatives. The messages would be referring to good life and healthy leaving that’s full of fun
activities including indoor and outdoor activities. Al Alali Potato Crisps advertisements would
flaunt its energy supplementary value and its powerful reinvigorating effects that it diligently
imparts to its consumers. Its safety and non chemical factors that have been used in its
production processes are also of prime value to its consumers. (Kotler & Armstrong, 2010)
The major significance of the market segmentation process is that it generally improves the
efficiency and intensity of the marketing activities by basically narrowing the entire market
towards a specific but defined market segment in a way that’s most consistent with its general
marketing characteristics of the narrowed segment. (Kotler & Armstrong, 2010)
Market segmentation and differentiation are intertwined in that Market Segmentation has its
roots in product differentiation. (Kotler, Keller, Brady, Goodman & Hansen, 2012) Al Alali
Potato crisps have several advantages against its close competitors. (McDonald & Dunbar, 1995)
Most manufactures and other producers of the off-the shelf processed feedstuff are still

Marketing Strategy – Al ALali Products

concentrating on the old perspective of comparative advertising against potential competitors.
(Kotler, Keller, Brady, Goodman & Hansen, 2012)
Product Positioning
Positioning involves the development of the brand as the image and representation of the
company’s products and services. The combinations of various elements of marketing mix
together with other strategies are required to obtain the desired results. . (Smith & Taylor, 2004)
Positioning explains in much detail the exact uniqueness and benefit of the product that is in the
market against its perceived or direct competitor in the same business industry. Branding is the
tool is that is utilized to position the product in the market by attractively designing its whole
packaging to reflect the effect the marketer wants to impact on the mind of the consumer.
(Lemon & Mark, 2006) The writing styles also aid in the same regard by distinctively and
profoundly creating a big difference between the new product and those from his competitor. For
effective communication, the client must have a rough picture mentally on the created perception
about the product which ultimately affects or influences the price of the product and which the
customer is willingly or ready to pay for the product. (Dickson & Ginter, 1987) Brand equity
usually occurs when customers are more than willing to pay even much more for a particular
product due to its position in the market. Most airline companies brand and segment their
services like for example royal class, the deluxe class, Economy and even the business class.
These branded products attract different charges. (Kotler, Keller, Brady, Goodman & Hansen
Consumer Behavior and Product Differentiation

Marketing Strategy – Al ALali Products

Competitive brands have polygamous customers who shop on the basis of impulse. Heavy
buyers who are loyal to a particular product are very few and rare. It’s probably more
economical to target the occasional buyers who may occasionally make repeat purchases. These
customers can be nurtured and motivated to be part of the loyal customers for the potential
products. (Ehrenberg & Goodhardt, 2002)
Al Alali potato crisp would mostly brand itself as the number one most affordable energy giving
food supplement that is easily available in the market. It’s also more superior to other rival
products in similar category as it’s derived fully from acceptable plants that grow naturally in the
mountains. It’s destined for the occasional buyers by offering certain modes of payments but its
major target is the working class and their occasional mountaineering escapades or other holiday
making excursions. (Blythe, 2008)
The development of the advertising message for the product takes place after the launch
of the product in the market and its successful positioning following the identification of
potential customers plus their needs i.e. the basic needs of the target group. A distinctive, well
branded and creative advertising generates very impressive advertising results that ensure very
successful marketing and also promotional strategy. (Ehrenberg & Goodhardt, 2002)
To make the Ala Alali potato crisp more attractive and appealing to its customers, the target
group or other potential customers the advert designers must constantly be referring to its
potential customers when tailoring the advertising message which should be according to the
needs and tastes of the customers.

Marketing Strategy – Al ALali Products

Ala Alali will definitely need some kind of product advertising, and it’s critical that whether
the yellow pages or any other form of outdoor advertising is used, the most important and basic
requirement is the nature of strategic thinking, the references behind it, the advertising and the
actual requirements of the targeted customers. Informative advertising is one of the concepts that
builds and generally creates the initial or the first primary demand for a particular product or
service during its introductory phase in the life cycle of the product. Persuasive advertising is
very useful in the earlier as well as in the later phases of the product or service that may improve
or increase its overall competitiveness among its rivals. Other forms or types of advertising that
may be used for example are comparative advertising. For instance the adverts on food items or
energy foods are often comparable competitively due to the competitive nature of the food
industry. The efficiency and effectiveness of product positioning is crucial to the success of the
entire promotional strategy. (Sharp, Wright & Goodhardt, 2002)

Sales Promotion Strategies
Sales promotion includes other forms or plans of increasing sales and not limited to public
relations, advertising or personal selling. Initially sales promotion only supplemented other
advertising process or aided the company’s sales efforts. Lately it has evolved and it’s currently
used as part of the promotional marketing mix for most companies. Al Alali can adopt various
strategies to expand and promote its products, sales promotion strategy is one of the options.
These can be gradually achieved by either promoting selected products or selling them on
discounts either by giving cash discounts or trade discounts. (Ehrenberg &Goodhardt, 2002)

Marketing Strategy – Al ALali Products

Salesmen can also promote the company products by giving out company fliers and also
advertising on large posters and other digital media. (Wood, 2003)
The concept of pulling strategy is a marketing concept that constantly generates and expands
the demand of consumer services or products mostly through general advertising, sales appeals
through promotions or through other marketing appeals. The major aim or objective of
advertising is basically to create a consumer demand for the product which in this case is the Al
Alali potato crisps whose potential clients would be gradually attracted by the nature of its
products standards. Most marketers strongly believe that the demand created will eventually pull
the item, service or product by enabling the marketing forces and its intermediaries so as to
accommodate or include it through its marketing channels. Al Alali Company can organize or
donate charitable products to an organized event or to an institution in order to publicly promote
most of the salient features together with the available brands of its products. A combination of
strategies may be applicable depending on the type or nature of the product being promoted. The
Pulling strategy is mostly applied for potential consumer products while industrial services or
products apply the pushing strategy.
To expand and improve on its activities, Al Alali products needs to capitalize its earnings in the
global market by segmenting and differentiating the market to satisfying the requirements of
every segment independently. (McDonald & Dunbar, 1998) To achieve these targets, Al Alali
products can create mutual communication between its own customers, salesmen and its own
staff in the marketing department to facilitate and ensure that the required product is available
always to the right customer at the right time and in the right quantities when they are needed.

Marketing Strategy – Al ALali Products

Product positioning is the development of certain brands that literally form the basic image of the
company’s products in the minds of its customers. It explains the uniqueness and the differences
in the company’s products. The combination of several strategies that form the marketing mix
can apply and achieve the set target of attracting the potential customers. Branding can be
applied to create and maintain a sense of product superiority among the rival products in the
market. Al Alali can brand its products in particular colors and in distinctive design that should
be associated Al Alali products.

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Marketing Strategy – Al ALali Products

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