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Present high school curriculum

One of the primary values associated with the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) is college
readiness. Develop a PowerPoint presentation that argues for or against college readiness driving
school curriculum. This argument should follow the Toulmin Model for Argumentation (Wheeler, n.d.)
explained below:

The present high school curriculum is
inadequate in ensuring readiness of high
school students in transitioning into college
and the work environment.
According to Act.org, (2015), 75% of the high
school graduates in the country were unable
to perform responsibilities in college and at
the workplace.
CLAIM: Public and private schools have a
responsibility in making sure that they have
a curriculum that enables the high school
students to not only join college, but also

tackle the work environment challenges. In
the present situation this is not the case.
esent high school curriculum is
inadequate in ensuring readiness of
high Based on CAPE (2015), the private high schools in the USA have made drastic
steps in ensuring that their students enter the college education systems and succeed
when compared to public schools. The statistics presented reveals that 88% and 57%
students in private and public high schools respectively applied for the college education.
This is clear indication that the college readiness driving school curriculum is failing
tremendously to meet its set objectivesschool students in
transitioning into college and the work
vAccording to ACT.org, (2015), 1.8 million
students applied for the ACT. The disappointing
fact is that only 26% of the students managed to
pass the standardized test.
In 2011, employers reported that getting people
with necessary skills to perform various task in
the work environment is challenging. The reason
is attributed to most people lacking diploma
qualification required in most jobs while those
who have the qualification have minimal
practical skills for smooth transitioning.
Based on Craw 2014, there is a decline in the
effectiveness of the college readiness test taken

by high school students. In 2013, the number of
students who scored level five and above were
10%, by 2012 the percentage had decreased by a
margin of 1.2%.
According to Act.org, (2015), 75% of
the high It is true that the cognitive ability does not arise from the standardized
tests taken by the high school students. The tests are there to create a competitive
environment that will enable those high school students with the necessary skills and
knowledge to join college. Moreover, according to Conley, (2014), the high school
curriculum has failed in ensuring the preparedness of the students to join college. In 2003, a
research was conducted among OECD students in the international front. The top students
in the USA who were involved in the research performed dismally when compared to their
school graduates in the country were
unable WARRANT
toThe college readiness focuses on
Mathematics, literacy, English, and problem
solving. The skills are pertinent in both the
work and college environment. The lack of
skills renders one incapable of contributing to
the betterment of their social standing and
that of their families.
In 2003, the program for international
student assessment showed that Japan and

other 29 countries has higher Mathematical
literacy levels when compared to the USA.
There is laxity in the implementation of the
necessary skills in ensuring that high school
students are ready for the transition into the
demanding college environment.
The future is unknown to everyone and therefore, equipping students with more practical
skills than theoretical knowledge will go a long way in improving their lives.
Education is supposed to make sure that the students are not only able to deal with their
academics, but also social life challenges. This will make sure that the students can deliver a
positive outcome in different difficult situations that they find. Therefore, limiting the
students to the standardized test may make it hard to achieve a wholesome individuals who
is able to think promptly when faced with hurdles in their lives.

rBased on Koonce, (2013), when the
curriculum system is imposed on students it
limits the exploration of their creativity. It
also transforms them into robots who
perform effectively by following a set rules
not innovators.

Secondly, there is a positive correlation
between hard work and academic
performance. The present high school
curriculum has made students unable to
meet the college demands with respect to
knowledge and skills. An aspect that has
resulted in high number of college dropouts.
Lastly, with the introduction of technology
the job market has evolved. It currently
requires people with skills and high problem
solving capacity. The job market has set a
criteria of a diploma and above to enable one
to get a better salary that can sustain them.
This does enforce the need for college

eWhen taking a closer look at Japan and China, their curriculum system is an open one
that encourages competition and innovation. In the countries the students’ creativity
determines the form of curriculum that the governments apply to foster the effectiveness of
the education systems. The aspect has made the two countries surpass the USA in creating
innovative products (Conley, 2014).


 The standards applied in college
readiness are blurred. The main aspect
of college readiness is to ensure the
development of problem solving,
cognitive, and analysis capability.
Memorization aspect that has been
paramount in the college readiness
standards test defeats this purpose.
 The standardization of the education
system is not a guarantee that the
students passing through the system will
develop into wholesome individuals. The
standards are only limited to the
academic aspect which is

disadvantageous to the students in the
long run.

 The standard based performance has
failed to transform to high levels of
performance interlinked with the college
readiness, an aspect that has increased
the number of college dropouts in the
eThe present USA high school curriculum
is not able to guarantee college readiness
for the students. It results in robotic
students who are unable to be creative
and innovative when dealing with
challenges in their work life. The
curriculum should offer students with an
opportunity to transform into job creators
instead of employees. In addition, it

should enhance the competitiveness of
the country’s graduates on the global

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