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Planning, Control, and Accounting Systems: The Role of Global Manager

Planning, Control, and Accounting Systems: The Role of Global Manager

The purpose of this seminar paper is to present analysis and synthesis of prior research on the principles
of transaction cost economics (TCE) and principal-agent as relate to the managerial functions in a
multinational setting. The ultimate responsibility of a global manager is to maximize shareholders� value
through effective business and cost solution strategy (Thomas & Peterson, 2015). A thorough analysis of
the transaction and economic activities of the business and managers� role helps to deepen the
understanding of value creation and market efficiency (Demski, 2008). The information discussed in the
subsequent text include the introduction of the TCE and agency theory, implications for the managerial
functions � planning, controlling, and accounting systems in the context of cross-border business

operations and global marketplace.



The seminar presentation paper contained vital information that are critical drivers for
the global marketplace. The conceptualization of the key points has been successful, and the
presentation of these points has been done with much efficiency. The key ideas including
planning, control, and systems of accounting have been much signified to be primary drivers of
the global economy or the marketplace (Choi & Meek, 2011). The managerial aspect has
incorporated these basic factors of the global business world. The critical management
practices hence have been shown to include control and planning practices that involve the
significant data acquired from the accounting systems that are so crucial to the operations of
global corporations.
The aspects talked about in the seminar presentation paper have mostly touched on
international managerial accounting. Essentially, it has become like a prerequisite for the global
manager to be in contact with the accounting data. The significance of this interaction brings
about the understanding of the global business environment (Kaplan & Atkinson, 2015). As
such, the paper has shown that it is most vital for a manager, in essence, a global manager be
content with the understanding of the global business environment. This fact has helped a lot of
multinational business to get more returns on the products and operational basis.
The Precise driver of the global marketplace has been well defined in the text. The
concepts mentioned in the paper have been quite well conveyed. The efficiency of the
document in the issue it addresses cannot be doubted. The writer has provided much evidence
and support to the fundamental ideas and concepts that support the paper beyond doubt. The
text also touches strongly on the global management practices with managerial accounting as a

critical factor for global business growth. Essentially, a manager ought to be familiar with
cross-cultural environments to conquer the international and otherwise global business world
(Choi & Meek, 2011).



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